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The New 2020 iPhone SE Vs iPhone 11

We have the brand new iPhone se the 2020 edition we also have our iPhone 11 our 2019Edition we’re gonna be comparing these two handsets seeing what the big differences are and maybe if that iPod11 is worth that 250 to $300 price difference and if that makes sense for you to go for the iPhone se of the iPhone 11 let’s go ahead and just dive on into it there’s one thing to get straight right off the bat whether you’re choosing the cheaper iPhone se or the pricier iPhone 11they are both rock in Apple’s latest a13th ionic processor and what that means is regardless of which one you choose you are going to get the best performance possible there’s me pretty much no difference between the two the iPhone 11 does have an extra gig of ram for opening a bunch of tabs and bunch of stuff like that but in day-to-day usage you’re not going to notice a difference between one or the other so if you’re going just for performance go for the SE there’s no difference to have that same processor inside now the bigger difference lie in kind of everything else the biggest one probably is the screen you’re going to notice that right away even though there’s not that much of a difference in the size of the phones they’re actually you know not too far off in terms of actual phone size the iPhone 11 is a hair larger but you’re going from a 4.7 inch screen to a6.1 inch screen and that’s partially due to just reduction of bezels around the phone and getting rid of that fore head and chin on the iPhone se the iPhone se is also retaining touch ID in that physical home button that give you that aptic feedback whenever you place your finger on it now some people don’t like face ID on the newer iPhones so if you are one of those people and prefer to stick to touch ID then that home button and the

Detailed Comparison Between iPhone SE Vs iPhone 11

iPhone se are the way to go but looking between the two of them you get much better screen real estate with the eleven and getting that true death camera system boom-boom here on the top it brings you face ID to unlock the phone as well as a 12 megapixel camera it also is also better at capturing portrait mode images both phones can capture portrait mode selfies and portrait mode with the rear cameras but you’re getting a boost from said megapixels to 12 megapixels with the iPhone 11 so you take a lot of selfies and if that’s really important to you then maybe opt for the 11 in that case around the back of the phones you’re gonna notice the other difference the iPhone 11 has two camera Buffster two little camera modules and the iPhone se only has one they each have a 12megapixel wide-angle lens but the iPhone11 is adding on that ultra wide-angle lens trying to get twice as much in your shot if you don’t really care about that you don’t shoot a ton of photos or you don’t need that ultra wide flare then again the SE is a great bargain for 300 or so dollars less than the iPhone se face ID and the true depth camera system that larger rounded corner screen an extra camera bump on the back and other minor improvements throughout the phone are those worth it for you for that extra $250 I know a lot of people they aren’t they like that a little bit smaller screen it is larger than the previous edition iPhone se but it’s still a small compact phone and it feels great it’s still made out of metal and glass and it feels great in the hand the screen doesn’t feel all that small it doesn’t look as encompassing ended up on the iPhone 11 there’s nothing wrong with the screen on the iPhone se and because the screen is a little bit larger apple offers two options for that screen standard and zoomed which makes all the icons and everything just a little bit bigger so if you’re wearing about eye sight on a smaller screen you can zoom in a little bit and help ease that burden right now these two phones are closer they’re ever going to be the iPhone 11 this fall is likely gonna be upgraded to the iPhone 12 at which point it will have a faster processor and more substantial differences but right now performance wise and everything these two are very close they have a lot of similar features they both offer wireless charging they both are water-resistant there’s a ton here between the two that are similar so if you’re looking at the phones right now and try and decide between the two it’s not a huge deal in performance if you’re wait until the fall there’s gonna be a much bigger difference between the SE and an iPhone 12 but right now these guys are quite comparable we said it when the iPhone se was announced it is a great deal this is one of the best deals in tech right now you’re getting the performance of Apple’s iPhone 11 iPhone11 Pro and 11 Pro max at that 400 price point only $250 if you do a trade-in through Apple and with other carriers it gets even lower that is an incredible deal for Apple’s latest processor in a great-looking phone you’re getting those trade-offs of smaller displays and one camera on the back but for many many people that is not nearly going to be a big enough reason to drop the 250 to$300 to upgrade to the iPhone 11 now I want to know what you guys think do you see the value in the iPhone se or would you prefer the Pro or 11 Pro max let me know down below in the comments.

Key Specifications of iPhone SE Vs iPhone 11


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