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Samsung Galaxy S20 | Samsung S20 Specifications

What’s up guys John here and this is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and it is Samsung’s attack of the numbers so this is it this huge phone here is a Samsung’s highest and most expensive flagship phone ever and there’s a lot of word Samsung could have chosen to use here they could have gone plus or max they could have gone pro but they went ultra extremist radical yeah I think that’s  actually pretty accurate so if the question is how can you possibly justify a new phone that expensive Samsung’s answer is by throwing all the hardware at you all the specs every single big number they can possibly think of that going into this phone it looks on paper like

A detailed review of Samsung Galaxy S20

a great idea how could a phone with snapdragon 865 16gigs of ram 512 gigs of ufs 3.0 a hundred and eight megapixels a hundred X zoom 8k five thousand milliamp hours 120Hertz 1440p 5g how could this phone be anything other than the best well I’ll tell you but let’s start with the design though just because I think it’s actually the least ultra thing about this phone and it’s pretty simple actually it’s a massive phone glass sandwich with a gigantic recognizable double camera bump expendable storage at the top speaker at the bottom r.i.p headphone jack you know on one hand it kind of blends in with the smart phones of today specially in Samsung’s lineup but on the other hand there’s no mistaking it actually remember when smart phone displays we’re getting bigger and bigger and then they first crossed over five inches like average and then they sort of evened out a 5.3 inch and people thought it was kind of getting crazy and then Samsung because who else came out with the Galaxy mega that’s really a phone that came out with and named that had a 6.3 inch display it was just hilarious like no one else would try that but this phone was the size of a tablet with the form factor of a phone it really was the mega phone yet here we are now today with galaxy S20 ultra bigger than any galaxy mega or any galaxy note even has ever been with a6.9 inch display it’s huge for me its till fits in my pocket and it’s usable for me but it might not be for everyone clearly giant phones aren’t for everyoneI gotta say though for an ultra phone the color options of glossy black glossy gray are a bit underwhelming of course channel sponsor D brand will gladly step up and customize a look on the back and you can get as wild as this robot camo skin but don’t let that be a cop-out Samsung I’m hoping for a little more variety next time till then I’ll Think that skin below one thing you do get from a huge phone though is a huge display so just to give you the numbers6.9 inch diagonal 120 Hertz 1440p and stop me if you’ve heard this before but Samsung has once again made the best display in any smart phone best brightness colors contrasts best viewing angles of any smart phone display I’ve  ever seen I feel like I’m starting to sound like display mate it’s the highest a plus I’ve ever given just you’ll know it when you see it and it’s not just the high-end spec in big numbers they’ve also flattened out the edges of the display so it doesn’t spill over the sides anymore and I appreciate that from a usability perspective and I hope they keep that trend up throughout the rest of their lineup love that and if I have any gripes really it’s that the ultrasonic fingerprint reader underneath the screen is basically the same as last year there’s no real substantial improvements and that’s fine it’s still a decently fast and responsive one and once you learn where it is with muscle memory its kind of quick but I was hoping these would get bigger and faster from generation to generation and that hasn’t happened yet now it is worth nothing you don’t get all the big numbers straight out the box this phone is actually 1080p 60 Hertz out the box pretty basic and you can either notch it up to 120 Hertz or 1440p but not both at the same time personally I’m picking 120Hertz every single time I was waiting for or asking for the high refresh rate from Samsung and we finally got it and it’s great the difference between 60Hertz and 120 Hertz in like a 90% of what you’re doing on your phone which is scrolling it’s fantastic and then the display also has a 240 Hertz touch sensor refresh so no matter what resolution you’re in it keeps it feeling snappy and responsive

Key Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy S20


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