Samsung Galaxy A31 – Full Specifications | Price in India | Reviews

what’s going on everyone this is John here coming at you with my hands on in first impressions article of the Samsung Galaxy a 31 so let’s get started so this is the Samsung Galaxy a 31 one of thelatest devices from Samsung in their a series line now this phone is available factory unlocked this is the international variant of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy A31 Full Specifications | Reviews

I’m not sure if every Samsung Galaxy A31 that ships get this sticker I certainly hope not and whoever is responsible for putting these stickers on these boxes please don’t do it any more cuz stickers really don’t come off and if you do try to peel them off there is like a really nasty residue so just don’t put the stickers in the box anymore just put a promo sheet in the package or something I don’t need to have this ugly sticker in the front of the box but anyway at that point.

Aside this is the prison crush white variant of the phone you can also get it in prison crush black and prison crush blue but overall there’s not much else on the actual box itself so we’ll open this up here and I did already set up the phone for the sake of saving time but we’ll put the phone off to the side for now and we’ll see what else is included here so we do get kind of a little box and in this box

you have a variety of different items so we have some literature here so we’ve a Quick Start guide in both English and Spanish we also have a warranty card so good stuff and we have a clear plastic case now what’s awesome about the Samsung Galaxy A31 is that there’s already a bunch of different accessories available for purchase so you’re gonna have no problem finding good quality cases for this phone

which is really fantastic but it is cool though that we do get kind of this cheaper thin plastic case included for free now here are the rest of the contents in the box so we get an adaptive fast charger so that’s really nice we also get a SIM card removal tool we get some 3.5 millimeter headphones and we get a USB C cable so you can use this of course for charging and data transfer

But here is the actual Samsung Galaxy A31 itself and I’ve got to say I’ve been really excited for this phone and you’ll see why now this device features a very large six point four inch display the display itself is Super AMOLED it’s a 1080p display we’re getting a ppi of 411 we’re getting a 20by 9 aspect ratio and an 84.9% screen to body ratio so despite this phone not being too expensive it really is a beast now you can see the display itself is super sharp looking this is probably one of the best displays that

I’ve seen on a device in this price range and I just think it looks really fantastic here’s the phone up next to the samsung galaxy s 20 ultra for reference so the ultra is a larger device but tell you what the 831 is pretty big so that’s a good thing because you’ll be able to see content on this display there clearly it’s gonna be a great phone for watching video content especially

if you’re really into social media it’s gonna be a great experience here as well but we’ll talk about that more in a whole article of course but I just want to let you know that this phone has an excellent looking display I’m very impressed now you’ve probably noticed already but this device does have a notch for the front-facing camera

On the bottom of the device we do have a little bit of a thicker bottom bezel so combining this thicker bottom bezel with the fact that the display on here is 20 by 9 means that we’re getting a very tall and narrow device that’s for sure and I know that the notch is a little bit more of an old-school feature something that’s kind of going away in 2020 especially with phones

like the a 71 and a 51 having the hole punches for the front-facing cameras but I still think that the phone does look really nice over all and of course you are gonna be saving some money going this route verses V A 51 now as soon as I can I will be buying the a 41

I’m really curious to see how that compares there are so many phones coming out in the a series but that means a lot of awesome content for all of you to watch now the front-facing camera on here is 20 megapixels and I’mreally looking forward to showing youwhat the results from that look like inmy full review video about the phonethis is the 128 gigabyte variant of thedevice and if that’s not enough storagefor you we also get SD card expansion

now there’s no wireless charging withthe galaxy a 31 as you’d imagine but wedo get a fingerprint sensor so you can use the fingerprint sensor to unlock thephone which is really awesome we alsohave face unlocked with the device aswell

Samsung Galaxy A31 Camera | Reviews

On the back of the phone wehave a quad camera setup so we’ve a 48megapixel main camera an 8 megapixelultra wide-angle camera a 5 megapixeldepth sensing camera and a 5 megapixelmacro camera so I’m really excited totake some photos with this device andshow you the results from that

but I have a good feeling about the cameras on here because it seems like in general all of Samsung’s a serious phones typically do take really great photos and videos now you do get portrait mode with both the front and rear cameras on this phone so that is really awesome as well now internally with this device

We’re getting fourgigabytes of RAM and we’re getting themediatek helio p 65 processor now if you’re not a fan of MediaTek you shoulddefinitely rethink things a little bitbecause the company has been putting outsome pretty decent processors in thelast year especially their Helio line of processors

so I’ve actually never useddevice with Helio p65 but I have used the Helio P 60 and the Helio P 70 andI’ve liked both of those processors so I do have a good feeling about thisprocessor too in so far from myexperience of using the phone things have been decently fast of course you’renot gonna be getting flagship level performance like you would get with theUltra which has the snapdragon 865 butfor what you’re paying here it is gonnaperform very well

Now one of the limitations of the processor is that video recording with the phone maxes outat 1080p with both the front and rear cameras unlike many of the Exynos processors such as the one that comeswith the a 51 and here is the a 51 bythe way because the a 51 can record 4k video with the rear camera which is really cool and impressive

by the way I know I’m all over the place of this Article but here is a side-by-side between these two phones and you can see that we do get a slightly larger display with the a 51 at the Spence of having a smaller bottom bezel so again stay tuned for a future article where I really go into detail comparing these two devices but overall so far Iam very impressed with both phones now another cool thing about the Samsung Galaxy A31

Samsung Galaxy A31 Battery | Review

We’re getting a five thousand milliamp hour internal battery so they’re a beefy battery and you can recharge that battery quite quickly withthe 15 watt Bosch charger now the software run here is Android 10 and at the time of me recording this video thephone does have the March 1st 2020security patch so let’s hope that Samsung does continue to roll out thosesecurity patches but this phone has all the different goodies that you’d expect to find with Samsung’s 1ui 2.0 such as the app edge on the side of the device and many other things

I will be making a tips and tricks article about the phone in the future so stay tuned for that as I’m sure you’ll learn a lot about the device from that video but now that we’ve gone over the specifications of the phone let’s take a closer look at the hardware I already talked a lot about the front panel here like I said you know we do a little bit of a thicker bezel on the bottom and we do have a notch at the top but overall I think it’s a very sharp looking phone I am very happy with the display of course

like that it’s 1080p it’s super sharp and cleared and I’m really glad that we still do have a 20 by 9 aspect ratio now taking a look at the left side of the phone we just have a plastic band running around the side of the phone and we have the slot for the micro SD card and SIM cards this device is dual SIM which is really awesome then on the right of the phone with a power button and volume button then on the top we’ve the noise cancelling microphone

then of the bottom with3.5 millimeter headphone jack we have the USB C port for charging and data transfer we have the microphone and we have the speaker then on the back of the device with the camera module and that’s pretty much about it you can see that the design on the back of the phone is really cool looking kind of a rainbow tint on the back as well so all in all a very nice looking phone

now I did run and do two benchmark tests with the phone and I got an overall score of 149four three-four so a pretty decent score for a phone in this price range may be not the best I’ve ever seen out there but certainly adequate for the majority of smartphone users out there but I hope you’ve enjoyed this hands-on in first impressions video about the Samsung Galaxy a 31 I’m very pleased with the phone I think it’s a very solid device and yet another excellent entry in Samsung’s growing a series

Samsung Galaxy A31 Price in India And Launch Date

The New Samsung Galaxy A31 Will be priced at a range of 15,000 in india and it will be launched in india by 4th June 2020


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