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Hello there Today I’m gonna be doing my full review on the new Samsung Galaxy a71 now you guys might have seen yesterday that I also put out my full review on the new a 51 which is the other slightly smaller and slightly cheaper a series phone that Samsung released just a couple of weeks ago as well be sure to check that video out if you’re interested but for this video we’re strictly gonna be focusing on the a 71 and why I think this is probably the best all-around option for folks who don’t want to spend 4 figures on their next smart phone I also want to make sure I don’t repeat or rehash the same stuff I said for the a 51 since they are such similar phones so I’ll be focusing a lot on what makes this phone in particular so good and what separates it not only from the a 51 but for most other budget and mid-range devices with the popularity of Samsung’s a series phones in general and especially with their huge success here in the US last year I suspect a lot of folks will be looking at this device for the next phone as it becomes more available and also given the crazy prices for the s20 line like I said I’m sure a lot of people are looking for some different phone options that don’t have them spending well over a thousand bucks and this is an excellent choice if you’re interested in doing some comparison shopping of your own or maybe you’re ready to pick this phone up I’ll have some links down below where you can find this device right now on Amazon and B & amp; H photo in all the color options at its cheapest price point so be sure to check down there so you don’t miss out right now this phone retails anywhere between 400 and 450 bucks depending on the model and where in the world you’re located and that’s the sort of price range I’m gonna utilize in this article when

Features Of Samsung A71

I talk about the phone so I think right off the bat the thing that separates this phone from pretty much every other device of its price point is the camera setup it wasn’t that long ago that even 400 or 500 smart phones considered to be budget or mid-range took really mediocre pictures and Samsung unfortunately was no exception but this time around they really upped their game with the picture and video capabilities on the a 71 and I can confidently say that this phone takes some of the best shots of any device in its price range you’ve got four lenses around back to utilize a fresh new 64megapixelF 1.8 aperture main shooter a solid 12megapixel ultra wide lens the 5megapixel depth sensing camera and a new macro lens which is a bit of a strange addition I’ve spent the last couple of weeks taking pictures in all sorts of different conditions and the thing that gets me every time with these results is the amount of detail in every shot the camera Hardware on this phone is paired with internal specs that can process the images really well and the result is a scene that looks great every time

A Small Comparison between Samsung A71 Vs A51

it’s really that ability to capture the detail that separates the a71 from the a51 and a lot of other devices I also found the camera overall to be super consistent no matter what I was shooting I didn’t have to fight much with over or underexposed shots and there weren’t any instances where I felt the a71 missed the mark when we move over to the wide-angle lens I was once again really impressed with the consistency what we saw on the a 51with its inability to properly handle shadows and dark areas is not something found here there’s not a whole lot of difference going from standard to ultra wide and that’s really the most important thing in my opinion the macro lens is cute I guess but on a phone like this a telephoto lens would have been a better option I think adding that would have been the cherry on top to a perfect camera setup but I can at least appreciate Samsung’s efforts in offering something sort of different and up front Samsung made some changes and slight improvements to the selfie camera – once again the most noticeable thing I found was a great amount of detail especially with live focus outside you’ve really got a great shot but unfortunately the less light you have the softer and grayer the pictures become it’s a shame because for whatever reason Samsung just hasn’t nailed it yet with the front cameras on the a-series phones and all the a 71 has a ton of potential I think it still Falls a bit short in certain situations one area that’s always been a weakness for Samsung in general is video recording and while the a 51 I think missed the mark the a 71 offers all you can ask for the big thing is that I didn’t feel like the a 71 was constantly focused hunting and warping the video all out of control it offers a much more pleasing and confident shot especially compared to be a 51 stability I found to be better too with the a 71 and all in all while I still consider videos as a weakness with Samsung phones in general I don’t think too many people will be disappointed here the other big thing that really makes the a 71 great is the internal specs that power it and this is also one of the reasons I think this device is a better long-term investments over the a51 and some other devices inside the a71 packs the Snapdragon 730 chipset coupled with an Adreno 618 GPU you’ve also got either 6 gigs or 8 gigs of ram and ufs 2.1 now you can debate me on this but I’d consider those to be significantly better than average specs especially at this price point and realistically here in the US market there isn’t even another device for sale with these specs internationally you have some competition from Xiaomi and Oppo but particularly in the States with these specs this phone has a solid opportunity to outshine the competition

Specifications Of Samsung A71

Samsung A71

Out of the box the phone ships with Android 10 and1 UI 2 both of which give the phone a clean and smooth user experience and that’s exactly how I felt each day I used this device for everyday tasks there isn’t anything this phone can’t handle and even as you start to push the device harder and harder I didn’t find it having any issues the real value here though is in a long term like I said we can already expect at least two years of software updates and support which is pretty good but I also think this phone is not only a few months ahead of the competition right now but will also be a solid long term investment some three or four years down the line maybe even more that’s not something I felt comfortable saying about the a 51 and overall I believe this phone will have a longer theoretical lifespan then most other devices currently offer for sale at a similar price powering everything is a pretty respectable 4,500 milli amp capacity battery which consistently gets me more than a day’s use no matter what I do but it isn’t really a concern anyway because with the superfast 25watt charging standard that’s supported with this device a few minutes on the charger means I get a few more hours of use so now that we’ve talked about what really sets this phone apart let’s talk about all of the other stuff the six point seven inch display on the a 71 is fantastic its what impressed me on the a50 and a 70 last year and I think it’s the thing that’s going to impress anyone else who hasn’t seen an A Series phone in person yet the AMOLED panel is bold and bright and it’s probably my favorite thing about using this phone in general I don’t know any other phone that I’d rather be looking at with a price point under 500 bucks than Samsung’s a-series devices and I think that’s really saying something sure it is still only 1080pbut most people either won’t care or won’t be able to tell the difference anyway and on the plus side while you get just a tiny bit more screen real estate going with a larger a 71 the a 51has the exact same display technology so you can save a bit of money if you need to while still getting that awesome viewing experience samsung also migrated over their famous infinity o cutouts and increased the screen to body ratio while minimizing the bezels especially at the bottom so overall visually this is a device that fits in line with anything else offered in 2020 and

Samsung A71 Reviews

I think that was a great move the phone doesn’t look as dated as when the teardrop notch and big bottom chin were offered and I think it’s the polished design that this device really deserves physically this is a phone that somehow both screams quality while simultaneously making it very obvious that it isn’t a flagship device and I’d consider it both a positive and a negative thing on one hand the phone itself looks premium even with it’s all plastic build the color shifting rainbow effects and polished edges mimic even Samsung’s most expensive devices and in the hand the phone feels solid sturdy heavy and overall conveys the sort of feeling that you’ve got a high quality device however this is still a phone you’re paying 450bucks for so an aluminum frame or more premium materials might have also been good it’s just sort of a weird balance between offering something that’s inexpensive yet durable with a high-quality look and feel and giving people that premium metal and glass as often found on higher-end phones the a71 I think can fall on either side of that distinction now let’s talk about a few of the things that are missing from the a 71 the first isn’t a huge deal to me wireless charging with the 25 watt adapter I’m always going to prefer a faster charging speed than the supposed convenience of laying it on some surface so that’s something I can not only look past but genuinely don’t care about however the lack of any water resistance is a huge miss here I can maybe forgive the a 51 for not offering it but as you approach 400 450 and 500 dollars it’s just something that should be standard I don’t even think about my phones getting wet usually but the a 71 is device I had to be a little extra careful with just in case I’m sure the entire build of the phone would have to change and it’s not an easy fix but it’s just something I noticed was missing more often than I thought I would overall the a 71 is a fantastic phone from start to finish this is the perfect device for folks who want an awesome phone but don’t want to spend a lot of money if anything it’s probably the best bang for your buck device that’s outright now I think my only wish is that I want this phone to be a little more different than the a 51 the internal specs are probably the decision maker to be honest and I choose this device based solely on that but a higher quality build maybe better display more camera features or a couple of other perks probably would have made sense in the end though this is a phone I’d recommend a hundred times over and it’s a device that makes spending 1,200 bucks on an S20 really hard to do so there you go that’s everything you need to know about Samsung’s a 71 device let me know what you guys think of this phone in the comments down below especially if you’re considering it for yourself I’d love to know your thoughts of course but hopefully you guys did enjoy this article.

Colors Available in Samsung A71

3 colors are available in Samsung A71

  1. Prism Crush Black
  2. Prism Crush Blue
  3. Prism Crush Silver

Samsung A71 Price In India

Samsung A71 Cost somewhere around 31,000 – 33,000 INR

Check its Price on Amazon


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