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What’s going on guys my name is John we’ll be doing a full comparison between Samsung’s newest a series phones the a51 and the a 71 now these devices haves lowly started to roll out both here in the US and internationally and as they become more available especially in the carrier and prepaid space I have a feeling that a lot of folks will be picking one of these two devices as their next phone the tough part now is just deciding which one to go with and hopefully I can help you guys with that decision in ¬†each of these devices has their own pros and cons differing features and specific selling points that might make them a better choice for you depending on your needs and I’m gonna try to go over everything you need to know and if you’re interested in doing some comparison shopping of your own or want to pick one of these devices up for yourself I’ll have links to where you can buy them at their cheapest prices down below in the description so be sure to check down there first off let’s talk about pricing and availability with these two phones since that’s probably the first thing a lot of people will consider now pricing is still a little blurry right now with these phones especially depending on where in the world you’re located but at least at the time of filming this the a51 is available from places like Amazon photo unlocked for around 300 bucks and there are some decent bundle deals bumping up the price just a bit the a 71 is the more expensive device with Amazon having it listed right now for just under four hundred and fifty bucks though I have actually seen it even cheaper than that on eBay if you shop there while the prices for these phones don’t seem to be totally finalized yet the consensus obviously is that the a 51 is the cheaper device and will likely save you anywhere between a hundred to a hundred and fifty dollars over the a 71 however the a 71 does offer some decent specs and features that might make the extra cost well worth it

Detailed Comparison of Samsung A51 Vs Samsung A71

so let’s get into what sets these phones apart the first thing you’ll notice right away is that the sizes of these two devices differ just a bit the a 51 is a 6.5 inch device while the a 71 is a little bit bigger at 6 point 7 inches to be totally honest though the extra screen real estate you get by going with the a 71 isn’t super noticeable you can see though with these phones side I sighed it’s not like there’s a huge difference it’s certainly not like going from a standard sized device to a plus size device like on an iPhone or S series phone it’s not that drastic and in fact at least for me one-handed use is pretty unaffected the little extra size and screen real estate doesn’t impact how I might use the phone so in that regard I don’t find it to be a negative thing or really something that affects my use and furthermore I can’t imagine it’s that much of a positive or big benefit either since the difference is so small beyond the actual screen size the rest of the dimensions and form factor for these phones are pretty close just a few millimeters off in certain places but all in all with the size of the phones themselves it’s more a matter of personal preference than anything else and I don’t feel the differing screen sizes to be that much of a deciding factor there’s also no real difference in the screen Hardware either for that matter both phones offer a great-looking Super AMOLED panel though the a 71 attaches the plus description on its spec sheet but I personally can’t tell a difference they’re the same resolution 1080 by 2400 and both covered in Gorilla Glass 3 of course with the different sizes the pixels per inch vary ever so slightly but again if there is a difference in this place at all it’s not something I can tell side by side the colors look the same to me and they’re both great looking devices by themselves I think Samsung is easily the leader in display technology when it comes to budget and mid-range phones specifically and I’ve been really impressed with what they can offer with these a-series phones also both phones still retain their in display fingerprint readers and as far as I know there aren’t any changes or differences or upgrades here the only thing to note is that both phones do ship with a pre-installed screen protector out of the box that I think does have some effect on the accuracy and consistency of unlocking via the fingerprints so if you’re having trouble with it like I have been you might want to tear off that plastic film covering the display design-wise everything is pretty much identical even though you’re paying a bit of a premium for the a 71 you’re still getting a plastic build with a polished chrome frame and while both of these phones still feel pretty good in the hand they don’t give off that flagship vibe there’s really not cheap feeling by any means though there’s some decent weight to them and I love the look overall too Samsung has decided to keep going with these fun colors and shimmering rainbow effects across the back which i think is awesome and as far as the color options you’re getting the same choices no matter what you go with black white blue or pink all with that shimmering reflective effects and a little bit of crisscross pattern across the back that’s pretty subtle as far as the other physical features the button placements are basically the same volume and power both on the right side and the SD card and SIM tray alone on the left underneath both phones retain the headphone jack and have a single downward facing speaker as well as a USBC port and on that note I do want to mention two differences in the accessories that come in the box as far as the wired ear buds the a71 ships with a nicer pair that have replacement in-ear rubber tips while the a51 seems to have this old-school all plastic design I can’t imagine anyone using either of these ear buds anyway but I just thought I’d mention it and as far as the wall adapters the a51 supports 15 watt fast charging well the a 71 thumbs things up to the super fast 25 watt speeds and that’s what you’ll see at the box as well the a 51 has the 15 watt plug and you get that 25 watt faster charger with the a 71 and as far as the actual battery capacities are concerned the a 51 packs a four thousand milli amp battery while the a 71 is powered by a slightly larger 4500 milliamp capacity now you shouldn’t read too much into that because the slightly larger screen size and more powerful specs on the a 71 means that you’ll likely won’t be getting a huge difference in longevity and on that note let’s talk about those internal specs because this is where I think the major differences can be seen first off the a51 pack Samsung’s own Exynos 96 11 processor am Ali G 72 GPU and either 4 gigs or 6 gigs of ram depending on which model you go with on the other hand the a 71 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 chip and either 6 gigs or 8 gigs of ram depending on the model you choose again so obviously on paper the a 71 offers significantly more the Snapdragon 730the same processor we saw on the 880 last year which was a pretty good phone and while it’s not exactly a flagship component it’s probably the selling point with this device in my opinion coupled with a better GPU and more RAM the a 71 is gonna be faster both in everyday use from launching apps and performing different tasks and it will also be able to handle more overall with lots of apps loaded in the background graphic heavy games multitasking whatever the case may be now out of the box you can see that the difference isn’t always night and day the 8051 is still a really solid phone and it’s gonna be able to handle nearly everything the average person throws at it but in my opinion the better specs on the a 71 are one of the two main reasons why I think this phone is worth the extra dollars it’s not only going to perform faster and better in the short term but I think it will also be a better long-term investment as well again I don’t mean to totally hate on the a 51 we aren’t talking about some crazy significant difference after all that should keep you away from the cheaper option but I think the specs are more of a deciding factor here and pretty much anything else either way you look at it though these are good solid phones with a software experience that props them up even further they both get Android 10 right out of the box and Samsung one UI 2 and while I can’t speak for any carrier versions yet the unlocks and international versions of these devices at least don’t come jam-packed with a whole lot of junk mostly just some pre-installed Google Samsung and Microsoft apps but you can still take advantage of most of the built-in storage these phone ship with any way either 64 or 128 gigs depending on the device again and the SD card expansion offered on both these phones is a great addition to beyond the difference in internal specs the second biggest factor that might affect your purchase decision with these phones has to do with the cameras now with the a series devices this year Samsung put a heavy focus on making these the best set of lenses ever on a budget or mid-range device you get four different shooters on each phone the main difference is the primary lens a 48 megapixel setup on the a 51 and a64 megapixel lens on the a 71 aside from that though the rest of the setup is the same 12 megapixel ultra wide mega pixel depth sensor for live focus shooting and a brand new macro lens for up-close photography overall once again the a 71 is gonna be the better picture and taker both because of the higher spec lenses and because of the better internals I mentioned earlier to help process the shots however feature wise you don’t lack anything by going with the 851 at all you still get everything live focus night mode wide-angle pro controls at least on the software side of things there doesn’t appear to be a single missing feature or setting on the a 51 but in practice in the real world the a71 is going to consistently be taking better shots now if you’re a fan of selfies this might be some worthwhile info too well the actual specs of the front-facing camera appear to be the same for the a 51 and a 71 at least as far as I can tell I’ve found that for whatever reason selfies tend to look better when taken on the a 71 again the specs seem to be the same even though the size of the camera cutout differs for some reason but in practice there’s noticeably more detail coming from the a71 I might have to just attribute that to the better processor on the a 71 once again like I said which might be able to offer better photography overall regardless of the specs but if you guy scan offer a better reason or a more detailed explanation feel free to let me know so now here’s the question which phone should you go with the a 51 or the a 71 personally I’m leaning towards the a 71 mainly because of those better internal specs I think considering the price difference isn’t so drastic the extra investment is worth it however I do realize that while the price is only a hundred two hundred fifty dollars more that’s still potentially a 25% premium which might be out of the question for some people if you can’t justify the extra costs the a 51 is still gonna bean awesome phone and you should definitely go for it but I think the a71 is more than 25 percent better than the a 51 which is why I personally recommend it so there you go that’s everything you need to know about the new Samsung Galaxy a 51 and a 71 phones

Key Specifications of Samsung A51 And Samsung A71


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