Redmi K 30 Pro – Specifications | Features | Price in India 2020

We’re here finally with the successor to one of the most incredible phones that I’ve ever tested Redmi k30 pro. I give you the redmi k30 pro 5g so excited to un box this one and now typically guys i get the top-of-the-line version of any phone but this time i have been looking at the comments and i’ve heard a lot of you mentioned you want to see the phone that struck that incredible to $9.99 you on price point and this is it the red mediatek 30 pro 6 gb 128 gigs of storage now i may review the zoom edition very soon as well but for now let’s go ahead and un box this is the entry-level version i’ m super excited guys

Redmi K 30

Redmi K 30 Pro Specifications

let’s do this together designed by Xiaomi let’s lift the flap and there it is guys you’ve read me k 30pro 5g just want to open this up here we have the sim ejector tool it’s a hardshell case similar to the one we saw on the K 20 Pro Series and yeah that is very similar but it is feeling pretty nice in the hand okay let’s lift this up now and there it is the gorgeous red meat kay 30 in this beautiful bluish kind of greenish-blue colour and let’s go ahead and do this together guys oh yeah there we go oh man that was so good and let’s take off these stickers on the back and look at this beauty now this is the like I said regular version it is not the one with a matte back.

I’m already loving this phone guys loving this color at least I’m glad I picked these standard kind of blue color and here we go turning on the display and this really initial impressions guys feels like the true successor to my favorite phone of 2019 the redmi k20pro me 90 pro and there we go we are in the phone and before we go ahead and talk about the phone let’s show you what is inside the box real quick and so we do have the USB C charging cable and we have a 33 watt fast charger but there it is the redmi K 30 Pro in all its goodness and look at these bezels they are tiny this is the true successor to that k20 Pro

I am loving this phone already and let’s do this like a street tech video guys talking about design very similar feeling to the original redmi k20 pro i’m loving this color and let me really just quickly compare the two blues this one is much more of a green greenish type blue that’s probably why I’m liking it more and as you can see the layout for these phones is very similar it’s almost like they blew up the original Redmi K 20 pro into a larger phone with the same gorgeous red accent button

So design it is feeling really beautiful I’m loving the curves on this thing and we’ll get into more design specs tomorrow let’s talk about this absolutely gorgeous display six point six seven inch so that seems to be the popular display size for all of shammies phones right now Oh what do you notice what do you notice you can see right here no not CH no punch hole it is an absolute bezel as beauty and that’s all thanks to the pop-up camera that we have very similar to the previous generation

But you can I now adjust the color let me show you guys once again and let’s see the drop test here real quick there you go and so that pop-up enables this power house to just be fully bezel s and it looks like an even smaller bezel than the previous generation so this right now may be the most immersive display that xiaomi ships in its flagship phone snotches punch holes no thanks and so this now may be my new favorite xiaomi panel I’m loving it despite the fact that yes no high refresh rate on this phone but look initial impression the display looks gorgeous viewing angles look really stellar and the colors just pop off this display

Redmi K 30 Pro Features

So initial impressions of the display are very positive so performance guys were talking about this snapdragon 865 5gcapable and now this version though is the one that only has you FS 3.0 this is the entry-level version but at the same time I still consider this a terrific option considering the price point yes it doesn’t have that ddr5 ram and it doesn’t have 8gb I think 6 GB is the absolute bare minimum you would want in a phone this year but this version does have 128gb of storage and

I will be testing it out to see if it does cause problems because I know a lot of you out there are gonna be buying this entry-level version and you want to see if you can truly get a similar experience on the entry-level version as all those other videos out there that have done the K 30 zoom editions and all those other ones this is the one that you all are gonna buy so I’m gonna review it here on Tech Submission for you all and as you can see here Google Apps fully working on this device very positive to see and the other incredible thing I just saw was this l

1 baby oh yeah this is the second phone from Xiaomi on a China ROM to deliver l1security level for Wide vine CDM on the China version of the phone that is incredible and this joins the ranks of the me 10 and me 10 Pro to be one of the few China ROM phones that I’ve used to be able to do that and we will be doing a speaker test tomorrow guys but a single bottom firing speaker on this phone no dual speakers that

I can see but yes we do have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and let’s wrap this up with a classic Tech Submission camera shot very fast shutter as you can see right there and let’s look at the results here and this is what I’m talking about guys here an incredible immersive display when you’re looking at photos on this K30 Pro but these aren’t the only shots I’ve taken have a look at these samples right here and also hit me up with the comments what do you think this is rear-facing video on the redmi K 30 pro shooting in 4k 60fps very gloomy day here in hong kong just on my way home looking really good though from initial experience

But the mics may be muffled and my voice is muffled behind this face mask hit me up in the comments what do you think and this is front-facing video on the Redmi K 30pearl shooting in Full HD 30fps and like I said very gloomy day I have kept the mask on most of the time but now I’ve taken it off dynamic range looks pretty good and the focus looks really good let’s go nuts here whew just joking I’m dizzy now anyways guys hit me up in the comments what do you think so initial impressions of this Redmi K 30 pro

it is looking like a terrific release yes you do sacrifice that one key feature 60Hertz but beyond that I think this is still an incredible device everything that I’ve asked for in a phone it is as lightly larger more powerful more impressive version of the redmi K 20pro and honestly that is really what I’ve been asking for more than anything so they have created a true successor now for this redmi K 20 pro but we shall see can this phone still strike a similar chord as this K 20 Pro did last year and with all the competition out here I think it’s going to be a bigger battle than ever before

Redmi K 30 Pro Price In India

The New Redmi K 30 Pro would be around 32,000 to 33,000 (Expected) in INR

Redmi K 30 Pro Launch Date In India

The Redmi K 30 Pro Will Be launched in India by June 11th 2020 (Expected)


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