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OK you’ve seen the title these are the two highest end 2020 flag ships from One plus and samsung I’ve used both for a fair bit of time now and today we’re going to declare a Android smart phone king I’m talking a 60 page read over here and 2 official cases one is the sunstone bumper which I mean it feels ok solid all run protection with a textured finish on both the outside and inside but it is just a sheet of plastic the second though is the carbon bumper which i think is slightly nicer it’s part TPU and pot’ Kevlar it still feels slim and light but does have a nice matte finish on the outside texture on the inside and finally this is the retail box the phone so if you hopped into a store right now well this is the box you’d get and I would go as far as to say that the combination of what it looks like and what you get inhere makes this one of my favorite boxes and ever the phone is on top and below that you get this elongated insert which has a couple of cool things inside some information cards a sheet of oneplus stickers and the invitation letter which has the similar typical attached on to it this is just basically one plus saying hi there yeah thanks for buying me there’s more though I’m a big fan of this case they’ve added in there it’s not just some lazy generic TPU sheet it’s got the never settle slogan in Vic text it’s got a matte finish on the rails texture on the inside and a little designed by 1 plus text there’s a USB C cable for charging and a 30 watt warp charger this is fast the eagle-eyed among you might have noticed that oneplus is actually branded since their last phone everything is now in all caps with a slightly bolder logo anyways holding these two phones together you’ll notice something the oneplus 8 pro is a big phone but Samsung is a slightly bigger in every dimension you’ll almost miss it at a glance but because it’s bigger from all angles it’s taller thicker heavier wider and so when you add all those together this feels like a middle weight versus heavy weight situation like no one ever wants to drop their phone on their face when they’re scrolling embedded right but I get the feeling that if you did do that with this phone you’d be out for a few days and as a result almost by default one plus is the more ergonomic palm friendly offering but on top of that it’s smaller dimensions are combined with a slightly curved back and a matte finish if you go for the top-end model this I’m phone off in the UK at least the two color options you get are glossy black and this greeny blue color bordering on being a little plain for still it’s done well and some color is still better than no color like the Samsung which comes in either black or this exciting gray color oh yeah and neither phone has a headphone jack but one plus does have a dedicated slider for switching between ring vibrate and silent the only real design negative for oneplus is the enormous camera bump it was pretty much my first observation when I took the phone out the box but let’s not forget Samsung sticks out just as much but it’s wider too if you’re going to use a case neither of these Is a big deal because they’ll even out they back but if you’re going there the protrusions on either side are enough that you can’t really use these phones sitting on a flat surface okay anyways the traditional oneplus smartphone strategy has always been to cut a few corners to make a firm that is nearly as good as the top level flagship ferns but much cheaper that’s changing this time round the one plus 8 pro is edging ever closer to costing as much as a flagship I’ll come to this but now with little I fany compromise for example past oneplus phones they skipped an IP rating they skipped wireless charging but now you’ve got both and in fact one plus wireless charging has gone from being non-existent to now actually a head of Samsung’s it can charge with 30 watts of power versus 15 on the ultra and displays Samsung really is the one to beat when it comes to smartphone screens but for my preferences at least I wouldgo as far as to say that oneplus has actually just done that they’re similar screens both friends actually use a display made by Samsung they both have insanely high quad HD plus resolutions AMOLED technology for deep contrast 120Hertz refresh rates for liquid smooth performance and built in technologies to reduce the amount of blue light emitted which is just better for your sleep cycle a similar size to is six point seven eight inches versus six point9 inches but a few differences and the key one for me actually being brightness I always couldn’t believe it the one plus looks significantly brighter than Samsung’s I’ve tried indoor I’ve tried out door the same result we’re talking a screen so bright that sometimes I would find myself not bothering to use the torch but instead of just turning my phone around and using the display oh yeah and one plus can keep running a quad HD plus resolution whilst having it’s 120 Hertz refresh rate on with Samsung it’s a case of deciding do I want an ultra sharp display or do I want an ultra smooth display and on top of that yes there is more want less claims they further extend their lead with something called M EMC technology it’s a piece of software that tries to combat the fact that we’ve got displays here that refresh 120 times per second and yet most videos are filmed at 24 or 30so when you’re using certain apps like YouTube on this version it can actually insert extra frames to make the video appear smoother but after a bit I turn the feature off it causes extra battery drain and to be honest while it does look beautiful on videos that are already filmed at say 60 frames per second what is trying to upscale videos that are filmed at like 24 or 30 the end results frame rate is kind of all over the place it kind of judders both phones have an almost identically sized hole punch do you want it on the side or do you want it in the middle it is completely up to you me personally I’m a corner hole kind of guy you lose symmetry but it means that when you watch videos the hole punch kind of disappears generally when you’re watching something your eyes are kind of focused on the center of your screen so if you have a corner hole punch it’s kind of further into your peripheral vision the last thing I did notice is the extra curve you get on the 8 pro’s display which for the most part is just a subjective thing but I will say that it’s just enough of a curve that in some rare cases when I was holding the phone with one hand my other fingers would be triggering the edges and this doesn’t seem to happen on the Samsung and one thing I’ve really got a hand to Samsung is the fact that in the last few years they’ve brought their phones up from being some of the more bloated and sluggish offerings to actually some of the snappiest one plus used to have a very clear speed and actually even battery advantage but I think it’s starting to fade and let me be very clear this is not a case of one-plus getting slower by any stretch of the imaginationv8 Pro is blistering fast it’s just a case that actually Samsung has caught and we’re at a stage where I really can’t tell much of a difference between them anymore both phones have those ultra fluid 120 Hertz displays and pretty much the best specs you can hope for top-end chipsets a ton of RAM up to12 gigs on one plus and 16 on Samsung and fast u FS 3.0 storage the only cave a twith the Samsung is and we’ve gone through this is the fact that there’s two different versions of the phone depending on which region you’re in and long story short if you get the Snapdragon version in your region you get to go this is a really fantastically performing phone but if you get the Exynos version and not so much but the full detail is linked somewhere here so you can check that up I guess the point here is that no matter what region you’re in with the one plus you’ll get the better Snapdragon chip even the speakers on the one plus a top level this is another corner

Detailed Comparison of One Plus 8 Pro Vs Samsung S20 Ultra

the company has historically cut but not anymore you get one on the front on bottom vocals and instrumentals just sounded so crisp and I would say the volume is comparable between the two so at this stage it’s starting to seem a little bit like a homerun for one plus it seems as if it does pretty much everything the s20ultra does but just at least as good or better and it’s far cheaper so does thes20 ultra even have a place well the one area where I can see one plus two saved some money versus Samsung is the camera system and so while Samsung has a massive 108 megapixel main sensor one plus has a smaller 48 megapixel one it’s a new sensor it’s an improvementfrom last gen but not as good as Samsung’s something has a high-resolution telephoto camera that you do 10 times hybrid zoom what Plus can do three times hybrid zoom and they both have pretty comparable ultra white cameras but this is where it gets weird these are both quad camera systems Samsung’s forth is a time-of-flight camera to detect depth but oneplus is fourth is something called a color filter camera or in other words a camera that can view the world in a slightly different way and I’ll give it this it has been fun walking around and just seeing how different normal day-to-day objects look but honestly I have really tried to give this thing a chance and I just don’t get it it doesn’t make any sense to me the camera is low resolution and it doesn’t let nearly as much light in as your main camera in a best-case scenario your outputs gonna look like are ally old film and in worst case it’ll just look like something’s gone wrong maybe someone will really cool views for it but considering that in my briefing of the phone the company barely touched on it and considering that the setting for using this camera is hidden away in the filters me nu it suggests that oneplus isn’t that confident in it either that said I spent most of my time with oneplus camera actually just being taken a back at how much they’ve improved the rest of it it may be cheaper hardware than what’s on Samsung’s but in almost every situation the output is at least as good Paswan plus phones had some potentially wonky color processing none of that here photos look true to life and crispy with nice depth of field thanks to a pretty large sensor and video the video colors and the dynamic range are stunning and lifelike it feels like oneplus has gone right back to the drawing board and built a completely new color processing algorithm that just works monie current gripe is that while yes that dynamic range is gorgeous the focusing is not or at least it isn’t yet and funnily enough it just so happens that this is also an issue for Samsung but detail camera comparison coming very soon so if you could subscribe to that that would be amazing a few final things to note both have in display fingerprint scanners and dual SIM functionality but with the Samsung you can actually use one of those SIM card slots to double as extra expandable storage I also slightly prefer the haptic engine on the ultra but you get good general vibration feedback on both and in terms of charging speeds you won’t have a problem whichever way you turn here the crucial factor here though is that it just so happens that Samsung’s high-end is 50%more expensive than one pluses high-end you are getting a more impressive spec sheet with the Samsung you’re getting those extreme numbers that you’re paying for things like a 100 an 8 megapixel camera versus 48 a five thousand milliamp hour battery versus 4510 on oneplus 16 gigs of ram versus 12 and so on but from my time with it these extreme specifications don’t really translate to an extreme experience in its defense I think the s20 ultra gets more flack than it deserves this is a beastly phone providing you get the Snapdragon version but I really think the only people it applies to are people who are really interested in the galaxy s xx but who are willing to pay more the ultra looks really impressive next to Samsung’s own lineup where you can see side-by-side each extra thing you’re getting for your money that extra Ram that bigger back three that further zoom on your camera it seems worth it but when you kind of take the Galaxy S 20 ultra out of that context when you pitch it against aggressively price competition like this I think the value proposition of the phone crumbles and so I think it’s pretty clear between the two one plus wins

Key Specifications of One plus 8 Pro And Samsung S20 Ultra

One plus 8  pro vs samsung s20 ultra


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