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Oneplus is a company known for releasing smart phones with some flagship specs and features at a much cheaper price thanthe competition this year oneplus launched its OnePlus 8 lineup which consists of the oneplus 8 and the oneplus 8 pro and so in this video we’re gonna get my first impressions of the pro model and see how it stacks up against Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro max The One plus 8 rather than the pro model that we’re going to feature here and if you want to see us do a comparison between that lower-cost model and something like the iPhone 11 go ahead and let us know in the comments down below but for this video we’re comparing the two premium models in the oneplus and iphone lineups for reference the 1 plus model that we are using in this video is the model that starts at $899 and offers users a giga bytes of RAM and 128 gigs of internal storage it also exclusively comes in this absolutely stunning glacial green color way as one plus we’ll call it but if you want more power and storage there are 212 gigabytes of RAM model with 256 gigs of storage available in both black and blue and those devices are priced at 999 dollars the cheapest iPhone 11 pro max model is $200 more expensive than the eight pro that we have here and it only offers 64 gigs of internal storage to bump up to something more comparable the middle tier iPhone11 pro max model which is the one that we’re going to use in this video that has 256 gigs of internal storage and that would be your best option in my opinion and that starts at $1,250 so something to keep in mind as I move along throughout and give you more points on each phone just keep in mind those price points there’s no denying that both phones are beautifully designed and they feel incredibly premium especially when you’re holding and using them throughout your everyday use oneplus borrowed a page from apple with the frosted glass back on the 8 pro and I absolutely love it one thing I wish Apple would borrow from one are the color options now with the iPhone 11 there are a bunch of different colors but for the pro models Apple just seems to stick with the kind of straight-laced no-nonsense type colors and there’s really no reason why the fun colors cannot be migrated over to that Pro lineup

Detailed comparison of One plus 8 Pro Vs iPhone 11 Pro

Apple branched out a little bit this year with the forest green color way but this glacial green just looks a lot better in my opinion kind of borders around a teal color and it’s beautiful I’m not a fan of the huge camera bumps on either phone so don’t take this as a slight towards any particular brand I really don’t understand why we need such massive cameras bumps for these systems now I’m assuming it’s because there’s a lot of hardware in there and they have to figure out a way but LG was able to figure out a way to make their flagship phones have recessed or flat designs on the back and still pack some pretty good camera systems back there so I think these camera bumps are getting a little insane while oneplus is bump looks a little more aesthetically pleasing to me it’s an absolute nightmare laying flat on the table without a case table wobble is very serious with the a pro more so than on the iPhone but obviously a case on both phone fixes this issue kind of makes them blend in a bit so it’s really not a huge deal but it is something to point out another feature that I really love on the oneplus a pro is something that they’ve been doing for a while and that they’ve definitely borrowed from Apple and that is the alert slider and while Apple has had it on every phone since its inception it only toggles from silent or vibrate to alerts there’s no all three modes where you can go silent and vibrate or you can have alerts on now like I said one plus borrowed this idea but they took things one step further giving you three notches or three different levels to switch from so you have completely silent you have vibrate and then you have your ringer mode on and whatever volume is set it at is what it’s going to ring at it’s a small but nice touch in my opinion the display on the one plus 8 Pro is also fantastic it’s vibrant and color accurate and can be customized to your liking if you think it’s leaning more towards one way or another maybe that’s too much saturation or not enough etc you can customize it to do whatever you want it to do for me personally I thought Samsung always made the best looking displays for its devices with Apple being a close second and while I do know that a lot of these manufacturers Samsung especially they make displays for a lot of other companies and they borrow components from each other I’ve always preferred how Samsung made their displays first then I liked what Apple was doing over the last couple of years when they switched to OLED displays and the oneplus has been right up there over the past few years this one +8 pros 6.7 inch AMOLED display might be now my new favorite display on top of its accuracy and vibrancy and just how crisp it is the 120 Hertz refresh rate is an awesome addition it’s something that I have been wanting Apple to implement in the iPhone for a little while now and more manufacturers are starting to do this we saw this earlier with the s20 ultra from Samsung and while they were one of the first this year one of the first major manufacturers in the us . to feature a120 Hertz refresh rate on their display they limited the quality the display quality overall to only 1080p now oneplus allows users to absolutely crush their battery life if they want to by letting you turn on 120 Hertz and qHD resolution so you can take advantage of everything that you might want and I personally am one of those who does want to have the best resolution and the 120Hertz on at the same time so it’s nice to have that option now there isn’t going to be a face on lock that’s on par with Apple’s face ID but the flipside to that is that the notch is just a single hole punch all the way to the left side of the display which looks a little weird I don’t know if I’d like it more on the right or just in the center like what Samsung did while it is out of the way the time and notifications seem to be kind of pushed to the right and it just kind of seems weird it’s a small gripe so I won’t harp on it too much but apples k notch is not great but it does have a lot going on there so we kind of have to excuse them a little bit because there’s a lot of tech that they haven’t quite figured out a way to make that notch reduced and have all that stuff there for face ID oneplus has an in display fingerprint sensor so they don’t really have to rely on having a very secure and stable face unlock they just use the Indus for biomed biometric authentication it works well enough you kind of have to pick your preference here if you like face ID you’re gonna have a big notch if you like having a fingerprint sensor you’re gonna have a small cutout and more display curious which one you prefer go ahead and let me know in the comments down below but this is the route that each company has decided to go with so yeah as far as design goes I love the look and feel of the 1 plus 8Pro and I think it’s just as good if not better in some areas than the iPhone 11Pro max my biggest issue with it to be honest is the waterfall display or the raft edges sure it’s nice I guess but I’m so over this fad it’s not even funny just make displays flat again you can go edge to edge but they just don’t need to curve or wraparound I’ve been having so many accidental touches it’s not even funny I really hate that feature it’s not a feature in my eyes I don’t know how many of you guys are with me but let me know in the comments down below I’m really not a fan aside from the 8 pros new 120 Hertz display oneplus finally added wireless charging a feature that Apple users are just also now starting to get used to over the past few years and while this feature isn’t new to every other Android manufacturer pretty much in the world by any means the ability to wirelessly charge your device using oneplus as new 30 watt fast wireless charger is pretty cool this means you can charge your device wirelessly from 0 to 50% in roughly just under 30 minutes which is absolutely insane the downside is if you use any other wireless Q i charger with the 8 pro it will only charge at a maximum of 5 watts and that’s pretty slow so you don’t have to buy this extra 30 watt charger if you want to fast charge wirelessly it’s probably worth the extra $70 for those of you who are good with wires the oneplus 8 pro packs a 30 watt fast charger inside the box which is capable of charging from 0 to 50 in about 23minutes the iPhone 11 pro max does come with its own fast charger this year but only at 18 watts and even though Apple claims it can still charge from 0 to 50%in roughly 30 minutes you might bethinking that’s not a huge difference you know there’s only 7 minutes keep in mind that the oneplus 8 pro is sporting a significantly bigger battery at 4,500million powers as compared to the iPhone11 Pro which comes in at just under four thousand it’s still early for me to give a definitive claim about battery life but I’d say both are similar in all-around battery life but I’m using the full qHD resolution with 120 Hertz option so I do expect it to die pretty quickly in comparison so moving on to cameras and this is traditionally where oneplus tends to fall behind at least over the last few years according to other reviewers out there and I’m saying this because I have only had this phone for a couple of days and I’m staying home just like everyone else in the world so I really haven’t had that much time to fully test out this camera and my subjects for my pictures have been pretty limited to what or who is in my house so I can’t give a full comparison quite yet and if you guys want to see a just dedicated video of these two phones just the cameras let me know in the comment section down below but I was able to take a few pictures using the1+8 pros 48 megapixel wide 48 megapixel ultra wide 8 megapixel telephoto and then the 5 megapixel depth camera and put it up against Apple’s 312 megapixel wide ultra wide and telephoto lenses and so here are some of those results that you’re seeing right now most of the images that you see here are shot at 12megapixels because that is the default setting on the one plus a pro unless noted in the corner where you see 48megapixelsyou actually have to go in and enable that feature it’s not always on and it’s not always the best option for specific subjects and images so something to keep in mind but early results to me and according to other people out there who’ve had the phone longer it seems as if one plus has improved its cameras this year and it’s no longer that far behind the competition I do think I prefer the iPhones more natural looking images that you get out of it and I do think the iPhone is doing a better job in some instances with portrait mode but I’m pretty impressed with what I’m seeing out of the 8 pro so far I will say with portrait mode on the a pro in some scenarios it kind of looked as if the lighting was kind of messing with the images or one plus was trying to over compensate and kind of smooth out some skin I’m not totally sure but the light just looks as if it’s provide a weird filter over the whole picture in general I don’t know it’s early it wasn’t happening in all pictures maybe just this specific light source that was happening but I just wanted to kind of point that out I need to do more tests but that was the case with some of these portrait mode photos I’m not going to touch on performance and software too much because I feel like at this point in life it’s really hard to do a full-on comparison between two phones that run two completely different operating systems I’ve just kind of given up on that point I’m just gonna tell you what features you get what the price is and  cameras because if you’re really into cameras and you really take pictures with your phone you don’t care about the operating system then you want to know which you know phone has the best camera but in terms of performance obviously most of these phones are gonna perform very well they have the best specs that you could get for each device so that’s not a problem and then ecosystem right now given my current situation and the level in which I’m tied down to apples eco system I just prefer iOS because it makes life easier for me but I do really love androids level of customization and I love one pluses implementation of Android because it’s a lot more like stock Android or what Google puts on its pixel phones so obviously again it’s really just gonna come down to your preference as it always does if you’re someone out there who doesn’t have a preference in OS then take a look at what I just laid out for you the performance of both phones is great they both look and feel excellent but oneplus offers a few exclusive features that the iPhone just doesn’t have at this moment in time and it’s anywhere from two hundred dollars to five hundred and fifty dollars cheaper than the iPhone 11pro max so again just keep in mind all the things that were laid out and if you’re making a decision on either one just kind of review those facts and of course your budget I would love to know your opinion let’s just for a minute put aside ecosystem and personal bias it’s kind of hard to make any arguments against the oneplus 8 Pro am i right I don’t know let me  know in those comments down below.

Key Specifications of iPhone 11 Pro and One Plus 8 Pro


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