Here Is One Plus 8 / 8 Pro Hands-On review

One plus 8 pro review

Hey what’s up guys I’m John here we’re back and yeah you got me I’ve been using the one plus 8 pro daily for about two weeks now and I gotta say they didn’t they finally did it they just went ahead and made a flagship like a bona fide complete feeling flagship phone finally now there are still a few snags and I will not pick about those because that’s what you do in a phone that starts no what nine hundred bucks but still nevertheless really happy to see them finally commit to something like this and it’s been a long time coming so today as you may have seen one plus launched their newest highest end phone it’s the one plus 8 pro taking yet another step up in the ladder of their phones getting slightly more expensive very year but alongside it they also dropped the one plus eight which is sort of more like a premium mid-range phone that starts at $6.99 so that that will be its own separate video that’ll come out later once I fully daily drive this phone switched to it give it that treatment that’s gonna be a tough video to make without all kinds of reflections but definitely subscribe to see that video first when it comes out hit the red button below if you haven’t already that’s coming up but until then we’re talking about this guy the eight pro the flagship so the bleeding edge high-end specs shouldn’t be a surprise when we see a new one plus phone I mean beside the fact that they slowly tease out all the specs the weeks leading up to the phone’s launch it’s kind of what the yare known for you know placing what feels like the highest and best available specs for the highest and performance all-in-one phone and we still have a very familiar oneplus design and experience here to they still have their logo on the back and still things like the alert slider that I’m surprised more phones haven’t copied yet still oxygen OS one of my favorite clean Android skins with all of its features of oneplus what if the nitpicks always been with oneplus phones one is that their cameras are always just not quite measuring up to the flagships and to that they always tend to leave out these sort of fringe features that don’t feel essential but still feel like you should have them if you’re gonna claim that you’re a flagship things like wireless charging and ip68 certification well guess what they finally went added this year an improved camera wireless charging and an official ip68 water and dust resistance rating finally but you know what let me start from the top with a new design for the Oneplus 8 Pro you can see it here I really like a lot of it the new matte finish and this blue color are pretty sick I don’t have a lot of matte blue phones but this one is nice it’s punchy and clean so it’s easily my favorite blue phone and this finish is nice it doesn’t really show too many fingerprints of course you can also grab this ultra matte teardown skin from our channel sponsor D brand which also feels great and you can see the wireless charging coil in the back plus it’s also got a few Easter eggs hidden in the design which are pretty dope but anyway yeah the shape of the phone is boxy which I’ve always really liked plus there’s this new little design accent Ridge into the top of the phone so generally I think it’s one of the absolute better-looking phones out there but I still get to nitpick because like I said a $900 phone that’s what’s gonna happen this camera bumped well it’s not as ugly as some of the others out there it still is pretty big like it’s annoyingly rock son a table big for sticking out of the phone that much so

Detailed reviews about One Plus 8 Pro Specifications

I got to point that out but again you can put a case on it and get rid of that when you get around to the front and you’re looking at the new display which is an upgrade to pretty much all the ways that count but also technically a slight downgrade to so this is a six points even eight-inch 1440p 120 Hertz AMOLED display and it’s really  good one plus and display mates say it’s their most colour-accurate display ever you know the best a plus they’ve ever given etc they’re kind of starting to sound a lot like the XO mark at this point look I believe you the colour is great the calibration is great but what I notice more often is number one it’s definitely a lot brighter than last year which is sweet and then, of course, the flagship feature for 2024 all these new flagships which is the smooth 120 Hertz refresh rate

One Plus 8 Pro Specifications


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