What’s up guys John here and I am back with a new mid-range phone the Mi note 10 we’ve already released our review of the phone’s Penta camera setup which includes a 100 a megapixel quad Bayer main camera but what about the rest of the package let’s take a look in our for review the Xiaomi Mi note 10 is the global version of the me CC 9 Pro sold in the Chinese market it brings a unique Penta camera setup an AMOLED display a huge battery and an upper mid-range chipset ours is in the midnight black color and the gorilla glass back is quite reflective the panel curves into the rounded aluminum edges looking quite seamless when looking at the Mi note 10 you can’t help but compare to the YP 30 pro the resemblance here is uncanny but unlike the P 30 Pro there’s no official waterproofing so I’d be more careful with this phone at least you get an included silicon case which you can useif you want some extra protection or to flatten out that huge camera book speaking of the cameras let’s get into the note tens 5 camera setup starting from the top there’s a 5 megapixel 5X telephoto cam a 12 megapixel 2x telephoto cam and the 108 megapixel quad rear main cam below this setup there’s a 20 megapixel ultra wide camera without a focus and a 2 megapixel macro cam the main cam has OAS and it uses a quad rear filter solo to output 27 megapixel photos this results in an impressive level of detail and since the sensor is so large you get the benefit of a shallow depth of field which can lead to some cool shots with natural background blur you can also shoot in the native 108 megapixels but these don’t give you much improvement in quality over the regular ones the numbers do sound impressive though if you’d like to get into the specifics of the camera quality we’ve actually dedicated a whole video to that topic but the quick take is that the main cam is pretty awesome while the other cameras are generally more middle-of-the-road quality wise especially at night they do add a ton of versatility though

Detailed Review about the Mi Note 10 specifications

let’s move on to the Mi note 10 6.5 inch AMOLED screen it has a1080p resolution in a water drop notch cut out for the selfie cam when concern we had was that the curved edges would mean accidental screen activations when using the phone this does sometimes happen when the best solution is a case content on this display looks decently sharp at 400 PPI and you get those deep AMOLED blacks brightness is great at 413is maximum and 600 nits in auto mode and bright conditions we also found that based on your color settings you can get the colors to be quite accurate especially in the sRGB color space under the displace it’s an optical fingerprint scanner it’s a newer version than we’ve seen on previous Xiaomi phones and is quite fast and accurate you can also enable an always-on display to give you the time and notifications when the screen is off and you can customize it with some cool looking designs the setup for audio is pretty standard for amid-range phone there’s a bottom firing loudspeaker as well as a 3.5 millimeter jack for headphones sound to the speaker is decent it isn’t too loud only scoring good loudness in our test but the output is rich with enough bass and some clear highs and mids quality through headphones is solid with plenty of volume and nice stereo separation but some distortion you do get FM radio board which is nice another thing you get on the mean out 10 is an IR blaster up at the top which you can use the control appliances there’s a hundred and twenty eight gigs of storage on board though it isn’t expandable through micro SD e so if you need extra you can splurge a hundred euros more for the note 10 Pro at the heart of the phone is the most powerful mid-range chipset from Qual comm Snapdragon 730 G along with six gigs of ram in CPU benchmarks performance is excellent only bested by flagship level phones graphics performance is much the same story overall everything feels fast and fluid and we didn’t notice any thermal throttling however for this price there are people who would prefer something higher tier like a Snapdragon 855 but I guess corners had to be cut here to makeup for the high-end camera setup with a massive 5200 60 million power pack Amino 10 was able to score a good endurance rating of 95 hours and our proprietary battery tests we expected a bit more actually but there’s some inefficiency here this might be addressed in a future software update the note 10 supports 30 watt fast charging based on USB power delivery and the 30 watt charger comes in the box with it we were able to charge from 0 to 57 percent in half an hour and a full charge in 65 minutes impressive for such a big battery the user interface of the Mi note 10 isshammies Noumea y11 this is actually the first device to launch with it out of the box however this is based on Android not the latest Android 10 all of the apps are kept on the home screen as typical for Xiaomi you’d have to download a different launcher to get an app drawer you can use nature sounds for alarms and notifications the alarms can even be set to change based on the weather or the date giving you some useful info first thing in the morning another new feature here is dark mode for your menus which will save you some energy here thanks to the OLED screen so that’s the Xiaomi Mi note 10 it’s a nice package with a beautiful design a curved AMOLED screen good battery life and fast charging a high performance chipset and some unique and versatile cameras now for the mid picks the note 10 costs 550 euros at launch which brings it into the flagship killer price range where phones generally have the latest flagship chipset also battery life isn’t too impressive considering the size of the power pack and we weren’t crazy about some aspects of the secondary camera performance but still if you’re looking for a camera phone or just a nice upper mid-range phone the Mi note 10 deserves are commendation but if you’re after the specs for heavy gaming or want the best battery life there are other devices you could choose from

Key Specifications of Mi Note 10


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