iPhone SE 2 Vs Google Pixel 4A Full Comparison – Specifications – Reviews

Apple actually did it they went and released the iPhone se second-generation a very old design but the internals are crazy good for 400 bucks so should you go for the new iPhone se or the upcoming pixel for a because these are both $400 phones and they’re both going for the same market which is best so this is iOS versus Android but really the pixel for a is the epitome of an Android phone and the SE is the epitome of an Apple phone what you get with the pixel for a is a modern design and a big screen and that is not to be taken lightly.

Detailed Comparison Between iPhone SE 2 Vs Google Pixel 4A

It’s 5.8 inches versus the 4.7 inches of the iPhone and this is a really big decision-maker between the files because of the modern design the tiny bezels the5.8 inch screen on the pixel for a is not going to be in a big phone the 4.7 inch of the iPhone is a small screen on a small phone with some big bezels and that means even though you get a really amazing chip in the 8thteam playing games is going to be quite a feat it is just a small screen it’s probably the biggest drawback if the only drawback of the phone is that small screen 4.7 inches.

Also iOS these days is designed for the 5.8 inch screen of the iPhone 11 that sort of size and iOS on that 4.7 inch screen is going to be squashed it’s definitely probably the biggest drawback of the phone for me they are both LCD screens so no difference is there the fingerprint sensor on the back of the pixel for a not my favorite position the front positioned fingerprint sensor on the iPhone definitely the better position for me the new iPhone se is using Apple’s premium materials like aluminum and the pixel for a apparently is going to be plastic material

iPhone SE 2 Vs Google Pixel 4A Specification Comparison

I don’t think that’s a big decision-maker between the two phones they will feel very light they’re going to be of the same type of design another massive difference though between them is the chipsets used and this is another huge difference in general between Apple devices and also Android devices around the same price Apple amazingly in this $400 phone fit the Apple a 13 chipset which is found in thousand-dollar apple found 11 Series France this is one of if not the best chipsets in the Smartphone world it is crazy powerful and it will enable so many other things for gaming also in image processing as well which is a huge deal the a13 chipset can process images so well you have apples deep fusion

It’s a really big deal to have that chip set in a $400 phone however even though it is amazingly powerful when you are gaming on that 4.7 inch display I don’t think you’re gonna get the most out of a gaming experience as you would on a bigger display but as I said that’s one of the main limitations of the phone is that small screen for the $400 price on an Android phone you have to take a step down in processing power the pixel for a tip to come with a Snapdragon 730 the730 though is not a bad chipset I’ve used a ton of phones with this processor and it is very powerful for everyday use

Absolutely no issues whatsoever and gaming – there are also no issues where there’s a difference is that with for example the a13 chipset and other flagship Android chipsets like the snapdragon 865 you can play games at their highest settings on those flagship chipsets whereas on the 730 you have to play at some reduced settings but when you are playing the game there are no issues with speed or Laguna‚Äôs whatsoever

iPhone SE 2 Vs Google Pixel 4A Camera Comparison

The camera is also art so similar between the phones that you really are going for the same market they both have a single camera at the back at 12 megapixels who takes the best images this is going to be down to personal choice Apple versus the pixel pixel usually take incredibly good still images that’s what they’re famous for and Apple usually excel in video but they also take fantastic images too there are going to be no functional differences because neither of them have an ultra-wide and neither of them have a zoom camera they can both shoot 4k video the pixel for a will be limited to 30 frames a second the iPhone up to 60 frames a second but most people shoot in 30 or even 24 frames a second anyway

The pixel is an Android phone we get a big screen and we also get a big battery 3,800 milliamp hours tipped to be on that phone roughly whereas on the iPhone you’re getting an1800 million power battery but in terms of battery life overall you know you’re gonna get about a day the bigger screen takes up more battery on the Pixel phone and the smaller screen takes up less battery on the iPhone from a hardware standpoint I would definitely give screen and battery to the pixel but the Apple has the a13chipset overall though both are going to give you very similar results overall in terms of daily usage social media gaming the camera systems are very similar to so do you want to choose IOS or do you want to choose Android for $400 that’s what these two phones are really all about


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