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Apple has just released their brand-new20/20 iPhone SE 2 and I’m fully convinced that it will be the best-selling smart phone in the world but before I get into explaining the four different reasons why it’s very important to first know all the specs and features that it’s packing so let’s quickly go through them the design is basically identical to the iPhone eight so that means you’re getting wireless charging touch ID and a single camera the only difference is that the Apple logo moved to the center of the back it comes in either white black or product red and it’s priced at a massively low 399 dollars for 64gigabytes of storage which is $300cheaper than the iPhone 11 and you can pay just $50 more for double the storage it gets a 4.7 inch Retina display with326 PPI so it’ll look just as sharp as the I Phone 11 but the biggest news is that it packs the same a 13 processor as the iPhone 11 pro but with three gigabytes of RAM so you’re getting literally the fastest smartphone ship ever made in a $400 phone that’s just insane even better

Detailed Review of iPhone SE 2 Specifications

you’re getting basically the same incredibly good 12megapixel camera as well with the same generation smart HDR 4 photos in the crazy part is that you could use portrait mode on both the front and the back with all the same features like portrait lighting and even depth control for background blur it even choose 4k60fps video just like on the 11proexcept for one difference you only get extended dynamic range at up to 30 fps instead of 60 like on the11 Pro this means that it’s not getting the same new Sony sensor the sensor is probably from the iPhone 10 s but thanks to having the latest software and 813chip camera performance should be just as good as on the iPhone 11 the most impressive part is that Apple is going all out with the other specs as well including Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth 5 with audio sharing gigabyte LTE with 2×2 MIMO dual SIM for having 2 numbers on the same Phone ip67 water resistance  and fast-charging support if you use the 18 watt charger now if you plan on buying the iPhone se but you don’t have one of these fast chargers we’re gonna leave a link to a very good alternative down in the description so with all those specs out of the way let’s get into the four reasons why the2020 iPhone se will be the best-selling smart phone in the world first of all both the iPhone 10 are in the iPhone 11were the two best selling smart phones in the entire world in 2019 why because they were the cheapest iPhones you could get while also packing top-of-the-line processors and cameras and now with the new iPhone se it’s only four hundred dollars while also getting the best processor in any smart phone and an excellent camera as well so for this reason alone there will be a lot more people choosing to buy this $400 iPhone instead of going with a cheap Android phone now if you’re in the States this deal sounds pretty nice but what about the rest of the world well because of the lower starting price the new iPhone se 2 will be even cheaper in other countries that are hit with tariffs for example in India the new iPhone se 2 starts at forty two thousand five hundred rupees which is five hundred and fifty-five US dollars a hundred and fifty five dollars more than it is herein the States but on the flip side the iPhone 11 pro which is a thousand dollars here in the States actually costs thirteen hundred and four dollars in India that’s three hundred and four dollars more than in the States so they’re paying a hundred and forty dollars more in taxes compared to buying the iPhone se so my point is that in many other countries especially those like India and China which have a massive population all wanting to buy a great smart phone the new iPhone se is going to be much more attainable now perhaps the most significant reason is the corona virus outbreak with a world economy taking a massive hit there are a lot of people who are out of a job and those who are still working are definitely going to be very careful with how they spend their cash so there will be a lot of people choosing to buy budget smart phones like the 400iPhone se instead of expensive ones like the iPhone 11 pro 1+8 pro and the galaxy s 20 ultra and the final reason is that there are a ton of people still using older iPhones like the original s II and every iPhone from the 6 up to the iPhone8 so the question is who should upgrade to the new se well Apple created a why should you upgrade page which allows you to see how your current iPhone compares to the new se and they’ve included every iPhone from the original se to the 8plus I’d say that even someone with an iPhone 8 should upgrade to the new se just for the fact that you get the amazing camera and the best smart phone processor in the world Apple is even giving up to a hundred and seventy dollars trade-in value for the iPhone 8 so it becomes a 230 dollar upgrade and it’s also a perfect upgrade for those who don’t like face ID and the massive benefit is that it’ll continue to get new iOS updates for years and years after today now if you’re someone with a plus sized iPhone like the iPhone8 plus we’re actually expecting Apple to make an iPhone se plus next year with a5.5 inch display so you should hold offer that if you like larger phones

Key Specifications of iPhone SE 2


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