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Welcome back everyone as you know the iPhone se 2020 was just announced today and it wouldn’t be released as for pre-order April 17th and I’m planning on buying two of them I’m gonna buy one and I’m gonna give away the other one so keep eyes on that channel so you guys don’t miss that giveaway but I’m gonna do a quick comparison between this one in the iPhone 7 of the iPhone 7 is kind of like the older brother of the iPhone se 2020 they both look kind of the same but there’s obviously some huge differences between them and obviously if you can gif go for the iPhone se that one is a much better phone than the iPhone 7 but actually I think the iPhone7 still holds up pretty well in 2022 so you don’t know the iPhone se right now is selling for 399 for that base model however a lot of iPhone sevens I’ve seen for sale for about like that $120 range on eBay you can pick one up on Amazon for about 150 dollars so I’ll leave one link down below if you want to pick one up from there also leave a link to iPhone se 20/20 Apple’s website so you can pre-order eight the 17th if you guys want to now looking on the front they both have these same 4.7 inch panel for the most part however the iPhone se2020s panel will also look a little bit better though because you do have that true tone technology which in my opinion really does add a lot of value to the panel itself that’s something that I really relate to like and every single time Apple has put a true tone display into their phones it’s made it seems so much better so for sure at the end of the day the iPhone se 2 will have a better panel at the end of the day both same resolution though so the iPhone sevens is still pretty comparable to the iPhone se twos one funny thing though the iPhone 7 does have forced touch on that panel where the iPhone SE 2 does not have for such as hap tic feedback which is still pretty close to up and you know for such overall but obviously the iPhone 7 does have a better overall forced touched ability in my opinion touch ID 2 at the bottom and lightning ports at the bottom single camera setups on the back however the iPhone se twos does bring a little bit more capability so they’re both 12 megapixel cameras the iPhone 7 is only able to shoot 4k s 30frames per second with the iPhone se 2can now shoot for kids 60 which is really cool another cool thing with that back camera on the iPhone se 2 we have portrait mode capability on that phone we don’t have that on the iPhone 7 it’s not the end of the world though something like too crazy but that is a really cool feature that we have on the iPhone se 2 where we don’t have that on the iPhone 7 megapixel cameras on the front and both can shoot the same 1080pat 30 frames so nothing too crazy over there now in terms of the software and performance the software on the iPhone se 2 is obviously going to last you much longer than the iPhone 7 started off with iOS 10 the iPhone se to start off with I was 13 so this one is going to last you many more years on top of the iPhone 7 on top of that

Detailed Comparison of iPhone SE 2 (2020) Vs iPhone 7

we have better chipsets inside of the iPhone se 2 so we have that Apple 813 Bionic on the iPhone se 2 we only have the Apple 8 10 fusion chips so nothing too crazy but there is some pretty huge differences going from an810 2 and a 13 at the end of the day the iPhone se 2 has a hexa core CPU the iPhone 7 has a quad core CPU and the iPhone 7 has three different models the same exact models actually for the iPhones se to accept that 32 base models now switched up for 64 and we only had 2gigs of RAM on the iPhone 7 we still don’t know as if yet how much RAM is on the iPhone se 2 but if I had to say and how probably said has 3 I want I want to be optimistic I might have 4 but I think so far it has 3 but either or the performance will definitely be better on the iPhone se 2 over the iPhone 7 and I can’t wait to get my hands on the iPhone se – it’s actually tested further and see how much faster it is so in terms of performance iPhone se 2 will definitely win and to end it off with the battery life t7 had a 1960 million power battery the iPhone se 2 we still don’t know how big that bit battery is it could be bigger it could be smaller if anything I’m gonna say it’s probably the same about – 8 which was smaller than the iPhone 7 so we’re going to have to wait and see what size battery the iPhone se2 brains but it does have wireless charging which the iPhone 7 does not have so that’s a pretty big deal in my opinion so either or I think the iPhone se 2 will probably went in the battery department just because of that wireless charging feature and I kind of sum up the comparison obviously if you have all the money in the world the iPhone se is a better way to go it’s 399 for that base model which is a really really ¬†good price to pay the iPhone 7 though if you still have it I would say you know I would still recommend keeping it it doesn’t hurt to keep it for a little bit longer you can even wait until he used prices of the iPhone SE’s 2020s go down a little bit so you can probably wait until it happens but that’s pretty much it if you guys have any other questions or anything leave it down in the comment section

Key Specifications of iPhone SE 2 (2020) and iPhone 7


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