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I’ve been wanting to try out ever since it launched so this is the pixel for also orange we import from the US and I know this looks and feels pretty nice but there are five new things that we actually wanted a try out on the new pixel for the new motion sensor features the dual exposure control the super resume the astrophotography mode and yeah the new 90s display now these are some features.

I want to try out on the pixel four because these are some features that might make it to more foods in India later on or next year like up Nightside became so popular at other phones so first up the moment Lunch box the pixel for I wanted to route the motion-sensing features now I kind of knew that the motion sensor wouldn’t work on the pixel forth but hey I want a track so when I unboxed the pixel 4.

I did not connect the food to Wi-Fi it not set anything up no Google account no location nothing to try and test out the motion gestures however this little clique of mine did not any work motion sense was off by default as you can see here and honestly I did not really expect this trick to work but hey Matt’s got a track anyway I also installed the new head at South game which makes use of motion sense in the pixel 4 to see

If maybe there’s a miracle or something but no I could not play that game on the fix before in India so those not so handy gestures are out of the question but hey at least these unlock works it is 3d face unlock and it is fast and yes right now it works even when the eyes are closed next up I wanted to try out the dual exposure controls or the pixel 4

Google Pixel 4A Full Specifications

Google Pixel 4A Camera Specifications

So you all know there’s a new camera app in the pixel 4and first of all there’s live hdr+ now so you get to see the final shot in the camera viewfinder itself which is definitely useful and now you can see these two sliders here right instead of just one exposure slider so you get the slider to control the brightness and a slider to control the shadows and this gives you a lot more control especially when you’re capturing a shot with some harsh lighting well yeah this is how the shot looks like in autumn

I can just catch it but I cannot play with the dual exposure sliders and get a more artistic looking shot here’s the auto and the manual short side by side there are some more shots with dual exposure control and I think it’s a good feature because when you’re taking photos with the backlight you need more control yeah this is really handy and it’d be great if we seed another fault next up the pixel four is the first pixel with dual cameras there’s now a new 16 megapixel telephoto lens which brings in 2 X optical zoom and 8 X digital zoom with the super resume Beach now

You can see the slider here which you can use smooth D to zoom from 1x to a date well I have tried it out and it’s pretty good here’s a 2x shot and it is optical zoom so it’s pretty good that colors the sharpness or on point now here’s a 4x shot and surprisingly this 2 is pretty good as you can see everything’s pretty sharp now here’s an e-text shot and while it’s a little blurry it’s fairly usable so I’d say it’s good but I compared the super resume with the note 10 plus a zoom

The iPhone 11Pro zoom and here’s a to exhume shot side-by-side but as you can see it’s not a big difference between these phones here’s an 8 X short now and you can see that the pixels forth and note them plus for the seam on part but yeah again nota big difference here’s another 8 X comparison and to be honest the pixel for photo might look a little better but it is similar to the iPhone 11 Pro and note Plus not a big difference well let’s more the feature that I was most excited to check out the new insane astrophotography more the pixel 4 comes next in knife sight

Google Pixel 4A Detailed Review

Which brings this new mode that lets you capture starry nights well I wanted to try it out so I did this hey guys it was impossible to do is the Astrophotography more on the pixel phone in Delhi so we are on a road trip to hopefully see some stars and there’s the astro photography mode and after some study shots also by the way this is a 4k 30fps with your shot on the pixel for so it might be less disappointing we’ll see anyway let’s go now I did god of deli to move away from the pollution and you know see some stars an

I went as far as Cisco and Rajasthan which is about two hundred lumped is away but all I found was fog and smoke and no matter where I went there was just no clear sky I started multiple locations and when I put the pixel four on the tripod it did turn on the Astrophotography mode and started an exposure to four minutes two minutes or even a minute with prams like collecting Stardust looking for the Milky Way capturing starlight but yeah the photos did not are not good which was kind of expected I mean the best

I could manage was this, yeah you can see the two stars there no anyway since I was out and round I did take a few nights I’d photo so here are a few comparison night site photos okay so as you can see it’s a close call between the pixels for and the iPhone 11 Pro I prefer the colours in the iPhone photo but the pixel for short has more details but overall I think the iPhone 11 through is definitely close to the pixels camera than it has ever been especially with its superior video capabilities well the last feature I wanted to try on the pixel for it is new90 Hertz OLED display I don’t I’ve tried our phones with 90 Hertz AMOLED and 120Hertz ambulant before

But I wanted to experience the 90 Hertz smoothness on the pixel stock Android experience soIe use this option in developer options to force 90 Hertz at all times on the pixel4 and I used the phone when if you compare it with the Pixel 3 it’s a big difference the pixel 4 just feels a whole lot smoother and the Ander ton animations just seem to flow better I really hope to see more stock era phones with 90 Hertz or higher refresh rate

This place in 20 drained but those are the five big features in the new pixel 4A wanted to try out and well let me give you a quick rundown of how things went emotion sense is not work obviously dual exposure controls are super handy and I hope more makers implement this in their cameras super resume is good but I think it’s nothing out of the world the new astro photography mode is something I tried but yeah the results in this part of India weren’t really possible at this time of the year however it’s a feature we should see more for next year lastly 90s displays becoming popular

Google Pixel 4A Release Date and Price in India

Google pixel 4A Is expected to be released in India by 13th July 2020 But its not official yet. The the expected price in India is 40,000 INR (Expected)


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