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Today we’re doing a camera test with the new samsung galaxy s 20 ultra and my modified iPhone 11 Pro you’re gonna be seeing that square machined housing do not confuse that with the iPhone 12 Pro I’m not from the future but today I just wanted to check out the majestic Samsung Galaxy S 20 ultra and its glorious huge platter of a camera it’s awesome I don’t care how it looks I want it to perform and in this video let’s test the best and biggest camera sensor on the market right now 108 megapixels we’ll be doing a variety of tests so the majority of this video will be filmed in 4 k 60 front and rear if I’m filming and anything else I’ll mention it in the video and we’re gonna do everything so stabilization low-light quality zoom I even want to test 8k but will crop it the video won’t be an 8 k but will crop some scenes just to show you that quality increase I’m very blown away with just early impressions the dynamic range is fantastic the quality is good and the ultra wide camera is awesome I love it so Samsung did so good with this release let’s put it to the test against the iPhone 11 Pro Max and yes the Galaxy S 20 ultra is really not competing with the 11 Pro max it surpassed it already in the numbers let’s see if the iPhone can keep up anyways any ways this is my friends he’s gonna be helping me out with some of the tests Phillip – and let’s start with this beautiful machine so what I hate about the iPhone software is right off the bat is I cannot switch cameras and keep the same video you have to cut the video kind of annoying the software on the Samsung side is already so much better so here’s my baby and she’s looking so gorgeous on this sunny day what I love on the galaxy s 20 ultra is you get a full-screen view the entire thing is of you going to 0.5 on both notice what a crazy view you get it’s like a window into this world the iPhone1 is cropped I think Apple can do better here but just visually the galaxy looks so much better as usual Samsung’s looking vibrant beautiful the colors are a little bit more muted on the iPhone but I’ll wait until we bring this on the computer before I pass judgment right in ultra wide let’s walk around let’s see stabilization now this baby got fixed up by backyard boys Tim I’ll drop a link down below just want to say thank you man you have done me great justice she’s beautiful now as far as capturing in the same angle both are pretty close here looking really really good it’s a beautiful sunny day all right so stabilization test in 4k a60 and it is on a handheld rig so it may vary a little bit versus actually holding the phones but I’m pretty impressed with both this is one place where smart phones have actually gotten very good in the last few years all right so next let’s just do some general quality tests taken around my home town city and it says being recorded in 4k 60frames per second so using the standard wide-angle lens I’d say the stabilization is solid on both I saw nothing wrong with either one very smooth you know there’s really no complaints here so panning shots everything checked out I actually prefer 4k 16 most people will be recording in 4k 30 but the panning shots are much smoother and the quality that we get nowadays on smart phones it’s absolutely stunning just top-notch no complaints here the only difference that I personally can see in a very well-lit environment is the colors so the colors will vary the contrast ratio just the settings that Samsung or Apple applies to the camera will be different some people will prefer the Samsung some people will prefer the iPhone one but both qualities do check out just the detail especially if you’re doing some cropping you want to be recording in 4kminimum and oh boy wait until we get into the a cased of here in just a second but overall looks fantastic very detailed the colors on some objects will be a little bit more contrasted on the iPhone sometimes the more green colors can be contrasted more on the Samsung but it solve it and a stabilization was good so no complaints okay and the zoom test so this is where the galaxy s 20ultra excels with its new space zoom which can zoom up to 100 times with the assistance of digital zoom is it all marketing or is it true so this is a standard view and then zooming in about 30 times which is still respectable but you can make out the details I was actually very pleasantly surprised that the galaxy s 20 ultra did well here now starting with standard point 5 then standard then 2 times 4times and then going to 10 times 30times and from there a hundred times look at that that’s actually quite impressive I like being able to do that with the lens same thing against 0.5times and then 1 times 2 times 4 times10 times 30 times and a hundred times notice the text the text actually gets crisper and this is because of the machine learning with the camera it’ll actually adjust it post picture taking something Apple actually does too but that’s quite interesting to know and it was this exact test that really sold me on the capabilities of the

Samsung S20 Ultra Vs iPhone 11 Pro Detailed Comparison

Samsung galaxy s 20 Ultra I was always a little skeptical of the 8k if it was actually natively recording it but here it’s very clear that the 108 megapixels are real and they make a huge difference so 8k 24frames per second on the galaxy s 20ultra on the iPhone 4k 60 so I’m gonna apply a little bit of zoom here this is two times then we’re gonna jump to four times and you can still make out the detail the bricks the clock hands the clock hours the shingles it’s still very detailed here if we apply the same zoom on the iPhone just look at how pixelated it gets that’s 10 times zoom and it had to be applied digitally after as the iPhone only unless you record three times in 4k60 just wow you can make out so much detail even when zoomed in this close and that just makes editing later much easier if future proofs all of your contents it’ll always be good to have higher quality video down the road when storage it doesn’t get cheaper but yeah not to get ahead of myself here but 8kthis sold me on it I have an aka TV I’ve never seen any content in a que but now I’m excited to actually play this on that TV see how it looks maybe we’ll get this on the iPhone later this year I would like to see it I can only imagine how much storage this is swallowing up but the quality the detail once you really get in there is pretty dang good also the colors on the galaxy s 20 ultra this year fantastic I really love what Samsung did with our color profile back in the day on the older galaxies it would look not so realistic here it looks great it looks great on both actually just when you thought that smartphone cameras have reached their apex of quality Samsung comes along and shows us that he can always be boosted by boosting those numbers 108 megapixel sit’s crazy but it does make a difference an ultra wide video card right and right I’ve gotta say I’m pretty dang impressed with the Estonia truck and consider using my name this is the one of the most beautiful cars ever made this is in the ultra wide lens for K notice the noise so the iPhone does a lot of smoothing I’m just sitting here editing and in this darker environment the iPhone I mean it looks better but it’s all software both struggle with the ultra-wide which has not matured enough to look good in low-light environments just a quick test outside and I want to know so far indoors seems like the iPhone did better the galaxy s 20 theoretical we do better it does have a wider aperture let’s see how that looks and the computer both do look great I know down below in the description which one who thinks looks better and switching over to the selfie camera so on the s20 ultra we have a 40megapixel shooter with a 2.2 aperture on the 11pro max a 12 megapixel shooter with the same aperture and these are pretty close although the color temperature on the s20 ultra for some reason is very blue washed out and the iPhone applies excessive smoothing to try and fix the noise I’d say the s20 ultra is the sharper one here color wise the iPhone looks more accurate to me and low-light for the rear camera in varying stages of lighting the s20 ultra is using the 108megapixel shooter with an aperture of2.2 the iPhone a 12 megapixel that’s just funny comparing those sizes there’s such a big disparity now with a 2.2aperture the big difference here is the pixel sizes on the galaxy because there are more they’re smaller and you’re getting a point 8 micrometer pixel in length versus the iPhones at one point for bigger pixels it means the sensor captures more light although the Samsung compensates with this thing called pixel bidding where he combines at 9 pixels into one I gotta say both look great there is a difference here in color temperature but detail wise the s20ultra is picking up more detail in the very same environment so as far as low-light goes got to give it to the s20ultra they’re just more advanced further ahead than Apple and I personally do prefer the galaxy s 20 ultra in a lowlight situations both the selfie and there are cam it’s not as big of a difference as you would think but the quality certainly is leaning in favor of the galaxy s 20 ultra there is guys a few days of testing with the s 20 ultra versus the iPhone 11 Pro max let me know your thoughts down below which one you would prefer and which one you thought was better in which scene personally I think both are great the iPhone 11 pro is the best I Phone camera ever it’s only gonna keep getting better but the s20ultra does have that leading edge right now

Key specifications of Samsung S20 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro


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