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Redmi K20 Pro Vs Redmi K30 Pro – Full Comparison | Specifications | Reviews

I’m here with my comparison between the Redmi K 30 Pro and the Redmi K 20 pro now today we’re gonna do something a little bit different here we’re gonna run down the specs what’s the difference between these two phones but then I really want to spend time talking about the buying decision because I think we have two different buyers two different consumers you guys out there who are considering this phone.

We have the guys who already own the K 20 Pro and then we have you guys who don’t own either and I think the consideration will be different for both of those parties so let’s go down the list real quick here of the specs and then talk about this discussion of which phone is right for you here in 2020 so let’s have a look so talking about design 218 grams versus 191 grams both phones are 8.9 and 8.8 millimetres respectively and we’re housing six point six seven inch display versus a six-point three nine in terms of design and display.

Redmi K20 Pro Vs Redmi K30 Pro Specifications

Guys, there’s a lot to love about these phones you may prefer one design over the other but there’s no denying that the display on these are still fantastic definitely an evolution hereon the K 30 pro but I still think that K20 pro display is solid for 2020 and the only real negative of these two displays is the lack of sixty Hertz snapdragon 865 versus the Snapdragon 805 on the redmi k20 pro me 19 pro series and both phones do have an option of 8gb 256 gigs of max storage the K 20 pro is running ufs 2.1 while the K 30 Pro is ufs 3.0for the base model and 3.1 for the other models.

The redmi K 30 pairs now 5g capable because of its new Snapdragon 865 processor but the 855 is no slouch it is still very much a fast ship here in 2020 L 1 DRM info on both phones a positive sight to see but this is the me 90 pro not the K 20 pro but in your market you may have l 1 as well and in terms of battery life we see nine hours and 40 minutes projected screen on time for the redmi k 30 pro we also have slightly faster charging now so 33 watts vs. 27 watts on the K 20 Pro so you should get closer to 1 hours of charge time here on this K 30 Pro while the me 90 Pro takes about an hour 15 an hour and 20 minutes

Detailed Comparison between Redmi K20 Pro Vs Redmi K30 Pro

We have single bottom firing speakers on both of these phones but we also have a 3.5 milli meter headphone jack on the K 30 Pro and on the K 20 Pro and a quick audio test I’m gonna bring the mic down let’s have a listen so what can I say a very loud performance here from the red meat K 30 Pro I still like the sound of the redmi at K 20 Pro sounds a little bit more crisp to my ears but this one is definitely the louder and more robust speaker

So I would say an evolution in speaker quality not really a major upgrade and a triple camera setup on the back here 8 telephoto and 13 megapixel ultra wide while we have a 64 main sensor Sony imx 6 86 versus the 586 five megapixel telephone a macro 13 mega pixel ultra wide and the 2 megapixel depth sensor and yes both of these phones are the pop up phones from Xiaomi and they allow for that beautiful uninterrupted display with no k notch and no punch hole

So let’s talk about it now the two kind of buyers in the market for these phones so the first group I want to talk about are the people who already own this incredible just amazing k20 pro mi 90 pro this was my phone of the year in 2019 and I’ve highly recommended this phone to all of you out there who have been looking for the best affordable flagship phone that you can just go and pick up it has been just a tremendous phone and you guys have probably enjoyed your experience with this too but now with the K 30 Pro on the scene the question arises should I upgrade my K 20 Pro to the K 30 Pro

Redmi K20 Pro Vs Redmi K30 Pro Reviews

Well, I think it’s going to come down to a few factors the first one is future-proofing how much of a value do you give to 5g and a faster processor if those things are important to you you may want to consider the upgrade the other thing you want to consider here is also the display size so the K 30 Pro with a 6point 6 7 inch display is almost like an XL or max version of the K 20 Pro if these phones had been released in the same year you would almost see you know redmi k 30 Pro red me Catherine I pro max this phone is under 200 grams and it’s just a different feel in the hand it’s a lot more manageable with this 6.39-inch display.

if you’re already getting a bit worried about phones getting bigger in 2020 then this red meek 830 Pro maybe a bit too much for you for me I’m used to this display size I’m you this phone sighs yes at 218 grams it is pretty hefty I’m not gonna lie but I’m using phones on a daily basis that areas heavy or even heavier than this like the Black Shark three Pro like the iPhone 11 pro max the mate 20x and many more but in terms of pricing consideration

If you have already forked out the 300 or 400 plus dollars to pick up this read me k20 Pro or me 90 Pro it’s gonna take a major upgrade for you to consider this move and I think in this case unless you value a larger display size unless you value the slightly larger battery or unless you need that latest snapdragon 865 and 5g performance I think you’re probably better off just sticking with the redmi k20 Pro me 90 Pro for another year it’s a terrific device and it should suit your needs well into 2020 without issue.

Let’s talk about that second buyer in the market and that second buyer is someone who doesn’t own either of these phones and you’re looking to buy one of these it becomes a very interesting proposition do I wait and pick up the recently announced redmi k 30 Pro or do I go ahead and pick up the tried-and-tested red-meat K 20 Pro Series or me 90 Pro which is now probably getting some serious price cuts by third-party resellers and let’s face it guys I still love this phone.

I absolutely do and now that I’m seeing the priceless things on this phone go further down it’s becoming an easier recommendation now until the redmi k 30 pro came out I didn’t really have anything else to recommend but even after the release of the K 30 Pro, you are seeing priceless things now for the K 20 pro series of under 350 dollars I’ve even seen some at around a $300 mark if you can pick up a K 20 pro for around 300 bucks you’re talking poco level pricing for a snapdragon 855 device and.

I still think it is a fantastic deal to consider in2020 but that said the entry-level version of the K 30 pro is coming in at a round 420 dollars once you factor in the increase from third-party resellers it’s probably gonna be closer to the$500 marks and if you’re picking up any of the other variants it’s gonna be even more so that’s where the K 20 pro becomes a very attractive option for you guys I think the preference is still held here if you do want a larger display better battery life future-proof 5g and snapdragon 865 performance and the slightly improved sony imx6 86 over the586 then you may want to shell out the extra 100 150 dollars for the redmi K 30 Pro Series.

But if those things don’t matter to you or if you actually value a smaller display a smaller phone and 5gis just a non-factor in your region then maybe it’s worth just looking for a good deal and picking up this amazing redmi k 20 pro me 30 Pro even in 2020 you will not regret it so that’s it for this article guys and hit me up in the comments what do you think of these types of buyer analyses type articles I do have a passion for this type of thing and I would love to make more of these analysis type articles which I think are really helpful to you really trying to pick out which of these phones is best for you to know the specs you really know the designs these are fantastic phones in terms of design.

You’re gonna love either of them and I think the back on the K 20 pro is still gorgeous to this day but it really will come down to your preferences the price difference in your region and which of those two groups you fit into hitting me up in the comments do you own me 90 pro K 20 pro and are you considering the upgrade and if you don’t own either of these phones which one would you consider given the price differences hit me up at the comments I’d love to hear about it.

Key Specifications of Redmi K20 Pro Vs Redmi K30 Pro


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