Best 5 Phones Under 40000 India in 2020 | Best Phones under 40000 For Camera | Specifications

Hey there today we are going to discuss about the best and latest mobile phones under 40000 in 2020

We will give the names in descending order please read the whole article to know which mobile phone is the best in under 40000 category

So let get this started

05. Samsung S10 Lite

Key Specifications Of Samsung S10 Lite

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04. Realme X50 Pro

Key Specifications of Realme X50 Pro

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03. Samsung Note 10 Lite

Key Specifications of Samsung Note 10 Lite

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02. One Plus 7 T

Key Specifications Of One Plus 7 T

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01. Asus Rog 2

Key Specifications of Asus Rog 2

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So These are the Best and latest mobile phones Under 40000 in India

*Please note these ratings are just according to Tech Submission team The prices may vary at sometimes, Please Click on the links to know the current price


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