Age of empires definitive edition updated cheats (2020)

Hey Guys, John here. In this Article I’m gonna show you the only new cheat unit in Definitive Edition that’s been included so far It seems they went for the obvious choice, a shark mounted on jets being ridden by a cat that shoots exploding laser bolts Apparently the unit has been kicking around the game files since HD, but there’s finally an actual Code that unlocks it. the code to get it in game is “Catzor”, after which it appears at your town center like all cheat Code units in Age of Empires 2.

If you don’t have a town center, you can’t create the unit. In terms of its stats it looks pretty amazing on paper. Comparing it to the two other ranged cheat units, you can see it has the most HP, even more than the Cobra and more attack than the Cobra or Photonman In terms of complete damage output though, the Cobra’s insane attack rate actually makes it still number one. In a head-to-head matchup You can see it wins easily against photon man,

But the Cobra still ends with about half its HP left So it remains the king of aoe2 cheat units still the sharkatzor is nothing to sneeze at, with a decent firing rate of its own and Area damage with each shot. It also has a slight anti siege bonus though because of its Pierce damage It’s not particularly great against Rams. now unlike the other cheat code units I can think of it also has the ability to fly Over anything, of course since the shark is mounted with jet engines so unlike cobra cars even hiding on an island can’t save you. I thought I’d take it for a spin against the AI in an Infinite resources game

let’s check it out Guys I’ve gone Mongols because they are a siege unit. So that should make them a little faster and benefit from the Mongols bonus here Ok I’m gonna give the AI a bit of a chance and Give them aegis. And so they have infinite resources and they can build whatever they want and give it for 30 seconds We think we have enough after 30 seconds Nah, we’ll go 45 seconds why not I’m gonna make a couple though.

It seems to be attacking me Yeah, maybe that’s enough aegis for now, okay, I think we’re in a little bit of a situation, huh All right. I’m gonna make my army And just gonna spam a few at first here. We’ll see how many we need Feel like that should be plenty. All right. Let’s see how they do Uh, yeah, I think we’re gonna need more, I’ll let you know when I got my army Well that felt like I made a lot of em, let’s see what we’ve got 500 yep It should be good.

Maybe just a little overboard but better to have too many but not enough, right they stack up really easily So it’s kind of hard to tell so got to separate them into groups. But a lot of these are stacks of 60 now I would think Yeah, so next thing I want to do is just try to send them all around the map and just attack all the different enemies at once So I’ll just use the military hotkey and right-click all around spread them out then. Hopefully we can just watch the mayhem (Mayhem Music) Okay, that should be a good handful to each the AIs now.

I think they’ll have some trouble with that It seems kinda slow. Oh right, I did slow the game down Now we’re talking Okay, I got to focus some things down here guys I Wonder if Celts even fire faster that might actually be a better bonus than faster movement they don’t really need the speed, they’re a pretty quick unit Red survived, how unfortunate I just have to send them all out in another wave here. Make sure we’re covering the whole map One other weird thing you’ll notice about them, aside from being able to fly over everything is they’re infinitely stackable

So I have 50 of them here and they get into a single stack That just looks like one unit but it’s actually 50, the only problem is they can actually blow each other up doing that Because they can deal damage if they’re really close to something And when you get 50 of em dealing damage right in front of it, it’s actually kind of a bad thing How am I doing for army, let’s see, I’m not doing that bad I think we’re cleaning them up, yellow managed to survive the cat and shark assault

So I’ll have to deal with him pretty soon All right, we’ll take these guys I’d like to have a little group that I can keep myself Hmm, purple’s actually doing pretty well. Who’s winning? So purple is the highest score lead Maybe let’s just clean up red That’s probably a good idea At least knock one of them out. In fact, all of them have managed to hang on so far It’s weird that they make the cavalry sound and yet they’re a siege unit that’s the weird thing I mean individually, they’re not that great against these castles, but when you’ve got 60 of them firing together And wow, they’re easy to micro.

I think we can leave this group of 60 to chill out there Okay, definitely focusing down castles is the way to play this here Starting to make some progress though and now it’s- Yellow is the only one I have not really put a lot of pressure on Have you ever seen something so deadly and yet so adorable all at the same time? Kind of running out here. Maybe I’ll make like 50 more Wish I had some sort of macro for this you just gotta spam control V and enter if you want a lot of them pretty fast Sure 54 that’ll do Lets take out these castles.

See the AI when you give it infinite resources to just love spam castles That’s the ai’s favorite thing to do Here’s my 54 of them All right one AI’s down definitely got this now Well, they’re pretty crazy unit, I don’t know if they’re my new favorite I do really like cobras But at least these ones are as fast and they feel about as powerful I really love how they can go over everything and through the enemy’s buildings and stuff like that makes them so much more maneuverable. I do wish they didn’t stack quite so much though.

I kind of like seeing the giant army coming It really emphasizes how many of them you have this one? It’s kind of hard to tell, And first impression, Yeah, it’s a pretty fun unit. It’s definitely very powerful and I love that it can fly over things and fun to micro So that’s the Sharkatzor available only in Definitive Edition. All of the other cheat codes for the game are covered in another Article I made for Age of Empires 2. And this is the only new one so far. That’s all for this one though Thanks for Reading guys, and I’ll see you next time


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