5G in India

5G Network In India 2020

Hello friends every 10 Years there is a revolution in mobile network like in 1980’s 1G came which brought calling feature then in 1990 came 2G which brought message, multimedia and slow internet then came 3G in 2000’s which brought stable internet connection and helped to access internet then in 2010 came 4G which provided high speed data and LTE made our mobile a mini computer now its 2020 and time came for 5G.

so in this video we will discuss what is 5G and what are its features what is 5G? 5G is a fifth revolution in mobile network which will help mobile to connect with differrent machines and objects in 3G we were able to connect mobile to mobile via bluetooth or hotspot In 4G we saw we can connect mobile to different objects like tv, projecters,AC same like this 5G brings a revolution by enabling us to connect to cars, machines and various objects If you have heard about IoT then it is possible with help of 5G.

In IoT we use Mobile as a remote to control objects till now we have seen what is 5G now we will look what are features of 5G. first thing 5G provides us High speed data as compared to 4G; 5G provides 100 times more data speed 4G provides us 100Mpbs whereas 5G can provide 10Gpbs speed [these are theoretical values] practically 4G provides data speed 15Mbps while 5G is assured to provide a Minimum data speed of 50Mpbs when we watch ultra HD video on netflix it requires data speed of 25Mbps while 4G can provide data speed upto 15Mpbs

Due to these reasons we experience lag in streaming videos but 5G is going to provide 50Mbps data Speed hence video streaming will be smooth here we can see there is no significant difference in data speed of 4G and 5G But 5G is better in latency than 4G latency or response time simply is time difference between action and reaction when we stream videos on youtube and suddenly we change the video quality from 144p to 1080p then we experience a lag in 4G latency is 50ms

whereas in 5G latency is 1ms humans have latency of 10ms and with latency of 1ms in 5G we will experience things smoothly because of this latency we will be able to connect mobile with diiferent objects using mobile as a remote we will be able to control cars and different objects due to less response time we will experience a smooth driving if we talk about more features then 5G can handle traffic efficiently than 4G

If we see traffic handling capacity of 4G then 4G can handle 4000 devices in 1sqkm, whereas 5G can connect 1 million devices in 1sqkm more traffic  can be handled more efficiently in less area every user connected to 5g network will get good network coverage most of the times 4G network used to  shift to 3G when the network frequency was less 5G operates on 3 frequency i.e low, medium and high with help of 5G we can connect mobile to objects which are wifi enabled this is core advantage of 5G we will be able to use IoT and VR Now

We will talk when will 5G come in India but looking at current state of mobile operates in India it looks hard to launch 5G TRAI has put INR 492 crore for 1MHZ of 5G spectrum and mimimum 20Mhz Purchase is must mobile operators will have to pay INR 10000 crore for 20Mhz Mobile operators don’t have these much funds so it is difficult to launch 5G in India. india will also have to develop proper infrastructure for 5G In 4G optic cable was used similarly 5G will require to expand optic firbre from 2.5million km to 7.5 million km


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